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  1. haggis

    Recurc valve

    i just got the monster motorsport one which needs ac removed. tbh you dont really need the AC and good to get rid off for space
  2. haggis

    Recurc valve

    i had same issue dude so got a short route air intake which is lovely and cold all the time
  3. haggis

    Best Spark Plugs

    1 up for copper. running alot smoother than iridiums for me
  4. haggis

    short route ... heavy rain

    definatley wasnt imagining it... open window and gave it some boost and was really obvious. almosy sounded like a scooby will just drive off boost in heavy rain until i can re route it a bit
  5. so was drivimg home on dual carriage way today and it was pretty heavy rain... to sum it up i was boosting and getting a gurgle sound. my short route air intake is pretty exposed so probably sucked some water in... anyone experienced this ?
  6. haggis

    Performance issue!

    thats what im running ... did have iridium ngks but these seem alot smoother and at 10 bucks i cannot complain i gapped mine to 0.9
  7. haggis

    Performance issue!

    changed to copper plugs today.. no more dogey misfire in idle and 4 cost me 10 as opposrd to 37
  8. nice white glanza and lassie driving
  9. haggis

    Performance issue!

    not swapped dizzy yet ... copper plugs might he worth a shot as i have noticed since puttinf iridums in that its misfiring on idle. anyone know decent copper ones ? part no ?
  10. haggis

    Performance issue!

    yeh mate done that... no error codes and timing bang on... spark plugs done recently altho old ones were black. think im running far to rich on JAM ecu
  11. haggis

    Performance issue!

    sound mate just got a light gun so away to check timing for 10degrees
  12. haggis

    Performance issue!

    timing cover ** also a chap said he just removed dizzy and spun notch thay goes into cam 180 and it sorted his. that safe to try ?
  13. haggis

    Performance issue!

    i noticed my cam cover doesnt seem to be fully in at one side.. sorry for a total noob question, but is the gasket on the cam cover just to protect against the elements i.e water n shit. not the rocket cover but the littke black cover at the side
  14. haggis

    Performance issue!

    sound man i try that .. easy to do ?
  15. haggis

    Performance issue!

    bump... did anyone manage to sort this issue of holding back and sluggish full throttle