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  1. Nurburgring Glanza

    You're in this at 7:30
  2. Rear suspension

    I've got some Tein rear springs in good condition
  3. Front bumper

    I don't have one but you could put a front lip on your 96 spec? I think they look good with an oem front lip
  4. Ryan's Red EP91 Glanza V

    Hmm can't say I've seen that lol, another one to keep an eye out for!
  5. Ryan's Red EP91 Glanza V

    Ah sweet, what's he got?
  6. Ryan's Red EP91 Glanza V

    I actually live near Chorley at the moment so I'm usually round there, I've got a white 98 spec the glanza in my profile pic is my old one
  7. Ryan's Red EP91 Glanza V

    Nice to see another local one, and a nice one at that!
  8. What do you want from ukso

    What maddox710 about the registry sounds like a pretty interesting idea. But you'd have to count on people actually bothering to add things to it. Would be awesome if it worked though! Personally I think the fact that Facebook is sort of instant helps. If I'm stuck on something (quite often) its way quicker to ask on Facebook to get a quick answer and quicker to post things for sale even if they may not be as thorough. And it's easier for me to message people on Facebook to buy something because it's on my phone.
  9. Cheap but battered VF10 powered EP91

    Can't afford to buy it but had good fun reading your 'bad bits' part. So here's a free bump
  10. RB Motorsport mayhem!

    I did work experience there when I was in school, some good guys and lovely cars there. Shame
  11. Soon I'll be after a set of good working rear calipers and maybe rear shocks/ shock + spring combo/ coilovers if anyone has anything. Thanks
  12. ep91 air con rad and fan

    Me too
  13. White glanza torbay

    96 spec? Sold my old one to a guy down there I think last year
  14. SR Speedlines/15's wanted!!!

    If you go to Manchester for them wheels, go a bit further towards Preston and I've got a standard front strut. Just black, I'll get some pictures if you want it
  15. Damn if you weren't so far away I'd have that exhaust! Free bump