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  1. As titled is there or does any body know where I can find a kit to baffle my standard sump or a link to where I can buy one? I've tried searching for it but there a lot of old links. 
  2. Marks starlet sr

    Thanks for the info. Did you notice an increase in power at all? Or just throttle response? 
  3. Marks starlet sr

    Very impressed with your build so far. I have a few probably stupid questions. Are you running this on the standard ECU? If so how?? I have a set k2 throttle bodies sat in my garage and may ha e to ha e a go. I can see your using your standard TPS good mod. And the vacuum line  are you running that to the ecu? Thanks Dan  
  4. 1996 LHD 3dr EP91 "Fifi"

    Ya photo bucket mess everything up real good! What photo sharing site are you using now? 
  5. The official track day thread

    Spring next year? I know it’s a way off, but forward planning and all that. 
  6. 3k4 starlet n.a.!

    I had this problem. Photo bucket killed me! 
  7. Mrnoris N/A Daily Progress report

    Thanks. More questions, what do you use to post photos? I used to use photo bucket but that’s doesn’t work anymore? 
  8. Mrnoris N/A Daily Progress report

    How did you get rid of the glue? 
  9. Hello as title says I’m looking for a corolla inlet, a bigger brake setup.  Thanks Dan 
  10. Standard ride hide ep81

    looks pretty normal.
  11. Mrnoris N/A Daily Progress report

    Sounds like its going to be a cool little car. What 4-2-1 are you thinking of using?
  12. Coilover advice

    As the title says Im looking for a fast road n track coilover I found these on the bay and wondered if anyone had used them?
  13. New member

    Ya man, just started a build in the ep91 section.
  14. Old member needing help

    Photo bucket?
  15. New member

    Evening all, If all goes well Im picking up my first starlet Monday. Its a white 97 1.3 n/a, gonna try build a little track ripper. Light, simple, reliable. And 100bhp per ton. Any advice or pointers jump on in. Thanks Dan.