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  1. 4AGE EP91

    Watch this the other day. Very cool little car. 
  2. Lee's White Starlet S - Winter Daily!

    I got a white one 
  3. 6 speed box

    For ratoing, You know...... brraaaaap brrraaaap...... Acceleration? Motorway cruising? 
  4. Baffled sump

    Thanks, that’s nothing like what I imagined haha. 
  5. 6 speed box

    6 speed gear from a rolla g6. Will it fit a 4efe. Do you need a different clutch? Do they have better ratio? 
  6. 6 speed on a n/a has it been done? Is it worth doing? Do you need a different clutch? Is there a code on the side of the box to tell if it’s a six speed n not a five? Help would be appreciated.  Thanks Dan
  7. Baffled sump

    I’ve taken my sump off to send off. And there a factory plate around the oil pick up. Does anyone have a picture of a sump after it’s been baffled? Just so I can picture what it looks like.  Thanks Dan
  8. Baffled sump

    I keep seeing This “Dean” coming up I’ll see if I can get in touch. Thanks for the help. 
  9. As titled is there or does any body know where I can find a kit to baffle my standard sump or a link to where I can buy one? I've tried searching for it but there a lot of old links. 
  10. Marks starlet sr

    Thanks for the info. Did you notice an increase in power at all? Or just throttle response? 
  11. Marks starlet sr

    Very impressed with your build so far. I have a few probably stupid questions. Are you running this on the standard ECU? If so how?? I have a set k2 throttle bodies sat in my garage and may ha e to ha e a go. I can see your using your standard TPS good mod. And the vacuum line  are you running that to the ecu? Thanks Dan  
  12. 1996 LHD 3dr EP91 "Fifi"

    Ya photo bucket mess everything up real good! What photo sharing site are you using now? 
  13. The official track day thread

    Spring next year? I know it’s a way off, but forward planning and all that. 
  14. 3k4 starlet n.a.!

    I had this problem. Photo bucket killed me!