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  1. New Member EP91

    Beautiful Glanza, welcome to the club!
  2. A Toyota Starlet SR EP91 was found by me in Dunfermline. Was on the bus when I spotted you, it looks really nice. Nice to see a fellow Starlet owner once in a while.
  3. Anyone Know Where the Fuel Pump Fuse is?

    Ah, so it's named as EFI? I spotted that in the engine bay, thanks for the help, mate.  
  4. Ok, so my 1997 Toyota Starlet didn't come with the owners manual, so I don't know where my fuel pump fuse is, for changing my fuel filter. I've already checked the engine bay (Both boxes) and I'm guessing it's underneath the steering wheel. But I don't know what it's named as. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Anyone here from scotland

    I'm here from Scotland!
  6. High idle,

    I mean I was wondering what he meant by "Takes time to drop".
  7. New member soon to be a Glanza owner

    Looks great! Welcome to the Forum! 
  8. Air fuel ration setting on a 4ef carb

    see if you can get someone to look at the jets in the carb.
  9. High idle,

    How long does it take for the idle to go down approximately?  
  10. Recently bought N/A EP-91 Starlet.

    Hell yeeeeeeee
  11. Recently bought N/A EP-91 Starlet.

    Yeah, they did. Came with the car.
  12. Recently bought N/A EP-91 Starlet.

    Here's a picture of it, completely stock.
  13. New to forum

  14. Recently bought N/A EP-91 Starlet.

    Thanks for the suspension recommendation! I might look into investing in some of them. Also, I might look into getting a 4EFTE or 4AGE swap (although I might keep it N/A, as personally I prefer N/A hatchbacks). I also heard that the corolla intake swap is good, I heard it's good for low-end torque.  
  15. 1.3 na starlet mods help !

    Just asking, where did you get the Corolla manifold? I also own a EP-91 and I've heard that swap can be good for torque.