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    Cars. I quite like going to trackdays and car meets, meeting new people and exchanging ideas on how to make the car a tad faster, or add something that benefits the engine.

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  1. That Car Guy

    New member .

    Welcome to the forum! by the way a suggestion I would make is to look around for a corolla G6 intake mani, they're cheap and give you a little more hp + torque. I have a 1997 too, and I've recently found one in a breakers yard not too far away.
  2. That Car Guy

    Rolla manifold

    The G6 Corolla manifold swap is really for people with the N/A Starlets. It gives them more torque and power.
  3. Hey, all. I'm looking for someone to help me find a good exhaust system that has a nice sound to it, and delivers good engine efficiency. I've already located a nice G6 Corolla intake manifold, now all I need is a nice exhaust. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. That Car Guy

    Essex newbie

    Welcome to The Forum!
  5. That Car Guy

    New member from Northern Ireland

    Welcome to the forum! Just asking, do you know where you got that splitter? It looks nice on the EP91, I've been looking around :/
  6. That Car Guy

    Good afternoon.

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. That Car Guy

    Hi There

    Oh yeah, Hey!
  8. That Car Guy

    Hi There

    Welcome to the forum! Very clean SR you have.
  9. Do NOT do what I done and take the two bolts that connect the filter to the little bit of metal out first. I done this by mistake and ended up (in my case) snapping one bolt and having to use 7 cable ties... So beware. Take the top bolt for the line out and the bottom screw out first before you take out those ones, or else you'll have trouble...
  10. That Car Guy

    Hi there from Costa Rica

    How much were the wheels? I'm thinking of getting some for my own car. (also you're Glanza is looking good!)
  11. That Car Guy

    New member ep80

    That is a very clean Starlet, especially since it's been left for some time and has only done 33K miles. Lucky...
  12. That Car Guy

    Starlet good first car?

    They are great first cars compared to others in its class. the 1.3 DOHC is a great engine to drive and to work on. I would definitley go for one.
  13. That Car Guy

    New Member EP91

    Beautiful Glanza, welcome to the club!
  14. A Toyota Starlet SR EP91 was found by me in Dunfermline. Was on the bus when I spotted you, it looks really nice. Nice to see a fellow Starlet owner once in a while.
  15. That Car Guy

    Anyone Know Where the Fuel Pump Fuse is?

    Ah, so it's named as EFI? I spotted that in the engine bay, thanks for the help, mate.