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  1. keithfa26

    New, looking into EP91's

    i see.. try modified insurance compaines, adrian flux ect as they normally offer good prices on these. kinda hard too answer for mileage as you can get cars with 40k miles on them that are in shit state and others with 100K and running perfect, it all comes down too service history ect, if your willing too drive auto you can pick them up much cheaper with less miles. i picked my Auto up for around the 3K mark with only 42K miles and then add around another £600 too convert it too manual. Be patience when buying one and keep reading around the forums too better understand the engines ect
  2. keithfa26

    New, looking into EP91's

    while going stock sounds like a good idea (it is most of the time) your going too end up modifying this in some way too get more power, so spending a little extra on one thats been looking after and modified with good parts instead of Chinese shite is probably the better options these days. there is a few buying guides online and plenty of guides on the forums, if anyone is local and can go with you too inspect the car from the forums thats always a plus, always get a compression test done before your buying one. Great cars that are fairly bullet proof if they are looked after correct
  3. keithfa26

    Help with membership

    having the same issue!
  4. keithfa26

    Should I Get 13" or 14" For My EP91

    15" is about the sweet spot on these, wouldn't go 13 unless i had too tbh just a little too small imo
  5. keithfa26

    Should I Get 13" or 14" For My EP91

    id probably go 15" especially if you arent on coil overs or lowered
  6. Not on road atm will be within next couple Months tho!
  7. myself and @Gainzy have glanzas
  8. keithfa26

    Japfest Silverstone 5th May 2019 Booking Closed

    so tempted but not sure the car will be ready
  9. keithfa26

    Converting too manual so need the following

    Already talking too you on Facebook mate, just waiting for someone too let me know if all parts fit
  10. keithfa26

    Converting too manual so need the following

    Can get a ep82 gearbox and everything else listed but will it all fit the same? Flywheel ect?
  11. keithfa26

    Converting too manual so need the following

    anyone know if the Auto drive shafts fit manual?
  12. keithfa26

    Converting too manual so need the following

    how much if you can find them mate
  13. Gearbox (Manual) Clutch (pressure plate and clutch disc) Flywheel Flywheel bolts (shorter than the auto ones) Clutch Master Cylinder (the bit with the resivoir on it) Clutch Slave Cylinder (the bit that bolts onto the gearbox) Clutch Lines (both metal line and rubber line) Clutch Pedal Assembly Brake Pedal Assembly Shifter Assembly Shifter cables Both mounts Gearbox needs too be in good condition with no crunching ect! Thanks
  14. keithfa26

    What gearbox's fit?

    Can the 4efe types handle much power?
  15. keithfa26

    What gearbox's fit?

    Fit easily should i say, i have a 96 Glanza V that i was going too sell but i decided i loved it too much haha, only downside is it's auto, struggling too find many Glanza manual gearbox's so was wondering if i had other options? Cheers