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  1. Reflect rear lenses. What bulbs and to change wiring?

    Thanks for the help mate. i got chrome stop bulbs for the bottom but the light is so poor it looks pants. Looks so crap illuminating the clear part aswell as the top red part.  Unsure as to whether to change it to just illuminate the top red part but then I don't want to reduce visibility. But from memory as n/a that's all they are like..
  2. I've fitted reflex rear lights and now the bottom part of the lenses light up white... looks crap! just ordered chrome covered red stop bulbs off of hidsdirect and it looks crap! And the ambers that have been delivered are wrong fitment! Can anyone shed any light what they've done when fitting reflect rear lights on glanzas? does anyone have any examples of how they are supposed to illuminate from factory? thanks
  3. 3 bar map sensor.. which one to buy?

    thanks guys for your input. ive purchased a gm sensor now as advised.  thanks for your help!
  4. 3 bar map sensor.. which one to buy?

    hi guys, i purchased a me221 motorsports electronics ecu for ep91 a little whil ago. They require a 3 bar map sensor installing and i have asked them which one they recommend. They have a suggested one similair to that that came on the cosworth engines. like the link below.. The issue ive found is genuine ones have been discontinued and the others are copies of which ive read people have issues with quality. any of the genuine ones seem to be very expenive for a sensor. and im concerned with going for copies? Can anyone recommend me a 3 bar map sensor to use? maybe an oe quality one from another car i can wire in please? thanks sam
  5. aem wideband gauge

    I appreciate your comments guys yeah I'll consider new thanks
  6. aem wideband gauge

    im after an aem wideband gauge including sensor and wiring harness. pm me with details thanks
  7. replacing odometer

    Anyone shed any light?
  8. replacing odometer

    can anyone shed some light on this. i have a starlet s which i have done a turbo conversion on. Ive put a glanza set of clocks in but they are the wrong mileage. i have the original N/a cluster which reads the correct mileage. now i have a speedo convertor to show mileage rather than kms on the gearbox but would putting the n/a odometer in it affect the reading at all?
  9. Scott Nissan March turbo, jdm yo

    this is awesome. more updates!
  10. help with interior loom.

    ok thank will do. the last pic the grey and white and black cable, anyone know if there the cigarette lighter cables? i think they are as i dont have anything else ther i just think theyve been cut
  11. help with interior loom.

    Anyone shed any light working on the car ATM and would help cheers
  12. help with interior loom.

  13. CoolerWorx CNC'd Short Shifter

    im interested in one too. have a spare shifter and cables sitting here too......
  14. help with interior loom.

    Im unsure of these wires can anyone shed some light please. The following connector comes down in the centre of the loom below where the radio sits. and has these two connectors. now i dont know what these are for so if someone could shed any light that would be great. I have managed to find a connector of which it fits by routing this cable from the center console over the steering column and to a connector on the drivers side by the speaker cables. does any one know if this is right?doesnt look as many pins inside but the connectors fit? this still leaves the small 2 wire connector unattached and unknown what it connects too! The other thing is i have no connection to the cigarette lighter. i beleive this has been cut at some stage. its a loom i bought so no history. can someone confirm these are the two cables and ill wire in a connector! any help appreciated guys thanks
  15. what 3 bar map sensor on me221 ecu (glanza)

    thanks mate will do