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  1. now this is cool.. some videos would be awesome
  2. it is plugged in at the gearbox yes. loom connected. i do have a spare gearbox i could swap the switches and try. ill give that a go thanks.
  3. hi everyone. since converting my N/a to turbo ive not had a working reverse light. i have the wiring on the boot lid but it does not light up. i used the full loom from a running glanza and swapped into my car. ive tested the pins on the loom and im not getting power to the bulbs and im unsure how to find the fault. can anyone point me in the right direction? Does anyone know where the reverse light wiring runs, if its through the floor loom or over the roof loom to the rear of the car? I've asked and searched for wiring diagrams but had no luck whatsoever. i dont want to untangle all of the loom tape and try and chase the same colour wire from the back to the front... so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. thanks
  4. anyone know of any wirring diagrams available for starlets at all??
  5. fair play they look great anyway. ive got a set of work RSB's with an et30 offset to go on so im hopeing they look alright. similair design to the ultralites so. And what distributor mod? i had trouble gettin the software onto the computer and understanding how to use it but i got it in and started ok. it runs but im a real novice in terms of understanding the ecu and how to work the software i must admit. i will eagerly await the features on yours!
  6. I thought so. although these are copies they come in some pretty good specs for the starlet and are dirt cheap. what size and offset are yours if you dont mind me asking? as i have considered the 7.5" et35 ones before. Amazing thankyou. i thought about going direct to motorpsort electronics and have had a few conversations with them too before when i purchased the ecu. Yes i have the car running and idling but it is off the road so still a bit to do. still got to run the engine in etc. Would love to see your feedback on here about how you get on with mapping as well as i think ill go to them as they will know their own ecu i was just hoping to take it to someone with experience with starlets as well but i guess their knowledge on their ecu is just as good a compromise! I have a 96 front end but glanza s bonnet and reflet rear lights and mines white so some similarities there. Need to get the front end painted but if mine looks as good as yours when its done ill be very happy!
  7. this looks lovely now! are the wheels ultralites? also i see youve got the me221 ecu? can i ask where youre going to get this mapped? as i also have the same ecu and am unsure where to take mine to get setup!
  8. more of this please! this looks amazing. Are you running a sequential gearbox? love the new wheels and the turbo/angled front exit setup!
  9. he used skuzzle who specialises in mx5's. wasnt overly impressed with the drivability of the map though. i was hoping for some one with particulair knowledge on our starlets
  10. yeah i dont disagree with you there. This is my first proper build so dont hve ny contacts with tuners. i took a risk with the me221 only because i know people have had very good rsults on mx5's particulairly my mates mx5 turbo
  11. no ones used them then? any advice on tuners then for ourstarlets? someone that can use and tune the me221? surely someone can offer some advice. i really want to take it to someone that ca setup my car properly and help me finish my build but i want to make sure i take it to someone i can trust! looking for a steer in the right direction...
  12. i know its a bit quiet on here but anyone shed any light? any used them? thanks
  13. hi everyone. looking online at places that tune and map my starlet. It has an me221 standalone ecu and want someone that knows starlets but also can tune these ecus as they are still relatively new. Really want a company and someone i can trust to tune/setup my car. can anyone shed some light please. i dont mind travelling but they are relatively local to me as im in crawley near gatwick. only an hour from me. Any help always appreciated thanks sam
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