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  1. richglanzav

    4wd conversion

    where was that because if its the car im thinking about then its a minter or was at least.
  2. richglanzav

    4wd conversion

    nah that's what I mean dude lol I want the stock 4efe one so I can build it myself
  3. richglanzav

    Opinions wanted

    stick a decent set of tyres and springs and brakes on it and it would be a little street rocket id say fully properly finished though its gonna be worth something like £3500
  4. richglanzav

    4wd conversion

    would anyone like to disclose the location of a nice black ep85 sports selection? I never went for the one that was for sale before as its had a few too many 300bhp 4efte's boosting through its drivetrain
  5. richglanzav

    4wd conversion

    if you want a 4wd turbo starlet you need to put the turbo engine into the 4wd car, not the 4wd system into the turbo car
  6. richglanzav

    Tuning developments

    spoke to mike yesterday mate, hes just very busy its quite hard to get through on the phone just gotta keep trying they usually have loads of work on
  7. richglanzav

    Alloys to fit Ksport 6 Pot

    i had team dynamics pro race 3 wheels on my mx5 over 4 pot wilwoods and there was plenty and I mean tonnes of spare room left over so id be surprised if they didn't fit over K Sports
  8. richglanzav

    stock engine mounts

    Hey guys I'm giving up and am gonna buy a new stock rear box mount but need to make sure its the correct part number. I've attached a copy of the part numbers diagram could someone just confirm the part number I need. The car is a 1998 non-LSD box glanza before anyone says I know its fuckin expensive lol but I want the car sorted and there simply are no decent nick stock mounts about so id rather just get a new one cheers Section_06032018_1422.pdf
  9. richglanzav

    What's it Worth? Thread

    glanza fibre glass bonnet in white with few little cracks? more valuable than a stock one (I'm after a stock one) lol
  10. richglanzav


    gotta be a gt28 or bigger lol that's a serious serious bit of kit and great to see it on an EP now lets get some gear and drivetrain kit like this for an ep95 and have them running 300bhp with no worries lol
  11. richglanzav

    Poly Bush Engine Mounts

    hi mate do you by any chance have any stock ones in decent condition in return? I have a polybushed set that's done about 10 miles on the car lol
  12. expensive but racetech claims over 230hp possible with same spool as stock ct9 lol anyone got a proper setup on this kit with decent ECU, FMIC, etc
  13. richglanzav

    My Charade GTti for sale

    what power is it currently running dude without the standalone
  14. richglanzav

    stock engine mounts

    by the way who is jeromey lol
  15. richglanzav

    Gearbox mounts

    lol if I had a pussy it would be niagra falls at low revs dude! yeh starlets do rattle and clunk along but if you drove mine before and after these mounts you would see what I mean lol