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  1. expensive but racetech claims over 230hp possible with same spool as stock ct9 lol   anyone got a proper setup on this kit with decent ECU, FMIC, etc
  2. My Charade GTti for sale

    what power is it currently running dude without the standalone
  3. stock engine mounts

    by the way who is jeromey lol
  4. Gearbox mounts

    lol if I had a pussy it would be niagra falls at low revs dude! yeh starlets do rattle and clunk along but if you drove mine before and after these mounts you would see what I mean lol  
  5. stock engine mounts

    soz mate just seen this, yeah seen them but I thought the import tax or customs charges etc would be insane for stuff from oz. never saw that link from Walsall. that's really local to me so will give them a ring tomorrow cheers. haha those are what I bought in all the links apart from the one I bought though it says they are compatible with the 4efe. are 4efe and 4efte mounts or the rubber inserts the same then?
  6. Gearbox mounts

    right guys still not sorted I'm afraid. the mounts came but the rear gearbox one that takes the most stick has worn out badly so its no good to use. ebay man has been a good boy and refunded me some dosh so no problems there. but now my question is if I fit the 2 stock rubber mounts and leave the rear gearbox one as a powerflex will that make it quiet again and not vibrate my soul when driving at low revs and sound like a scoob at high revs. lol
  7. Alloys to fit Ksport 6 Pot

    not sure about k sports, but team dynamics pro race 3 will fit over wildwood 4 pots with absolutely miles of room to spare and are a far better looking wheel than the 1.2's IMO
  8. Gearbox mounts

    Hi guys i finally managed to source some mounts for my glanza, they are non-lsd mounts and my car is non-lsd box so they should fit ok but my question is what if i want an aftermarket diff in the future? Would i be right in saying that the factory lsd box has different mounts to the non-lsd box, but you can fit an aftermarket diff to a non-lsd box and still use the non-lsd mounts? And the engine mount stays the same regardless of whether its a factory lsd box or not?
  9. stock engine mounts

    hey dudes, is it realistic that anyone would part with a set of good condition stock engine mounts? unless I buy a full breaker lol. also I'm assuming the mounts for the non - lsd car are different for the lsd. the cars off road till the spring but I don't know where to source these mounts. my old ones had nearly failed so I put polybushed ones on and now the cars horrible to drive.    
  10. Poly Bush Engine Mount

    I will have some mate soon but I need some stock ones in return
  11. jokes

    what does a gay horse eat? hayyyyyyyyyyy *said in super camp voice*  
  12. Any maths wizards on here help me? pythagoras lol

    haha dude I think I get it. I am doing the SMC Tech optical technicians course and its all about the reflective and refractive behaviours of light. I kinda get it - well ive put that as my answer so hopefully it will be marked as correct lol      
  13. right guys I'm not the best at maths. I'm doing a course for work and it involves work with right angled triangles and Pythagoras theorem with angles, side lengths, areas, etc. now either I have got this question wrong, or I have unknowingly rewritten the laws of the universe. so I will put below what I have found, and someone feel free to tell me why I am wrong. we all know the basic right angled triangle. lets call it ABC. triangle ABC has lengths of 3cm, 4cm, and 5cm. so obviously 3 squared = 9, 4 squared = 16 and 5 squared = 25, and the sums of the squares of the two shorter sides = the square of the hypotenuse (longest side) - 16+9=25. that's easy right? well if you take another triangle with the exact same dimensions but all sides are 1.5 times longer, lets call it DEF. so the sides of this one are 4.5cm, 6cm, and 7.5cm. now for the confusing part (for me). even though essentially this is the same triangle except for the sides are all 1.5 times longer, when I had to work out the ratio in area of the two triangles I found that no matter how much I thought about it, DEF has more than 1.5 times the area of ABC. Its actually 2.25 times the area unless I'm doing something wrong. How the fuck is this possible? how can making all lengths a certain ratio larger mean that the area of the triangle doesent increase by the same ratio? should I get a nobel prize for creating matter for nothingness?        
  14. No longer available

    Drivers side door handle mechanism if you are breaking shell mate cash waiting
  15. prices for parts for these cars from toyota

    honestly mate i hate it ive basically ruined my car through not properly researching the product im buying. dont get me wrong something needed doing as the rear mount had completely failed and the other two were badly worn. but now these mounts combined with the fact the clutch has a bad issue with juddering when pulling away, my car literally vibrates like a guitar string. with skillful manipulation of the accelerator pedal and a lightweight flywheel im sure i could make it play its own song.