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  1. Need help buying every part.

    No worries buddy will do, Think I also have the optional front lip for the 96 spec bumper. It is split and needs repaired but still a great addition to the bumper.
  2. Need help buying every part.

    I have a glanza front bumper and a spoiler.  Its in Scotland just now because Ive not brought the car over. When I do though these will be coming too, but youd have to wait and I couldnt really give you a timescale thats the only issue.
  3. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Sorry mate that's me actually getting confused and not being correct in what im saying. Yes I see new content button is still there, what I actually meant was typically before I could click on my name and then click on "my content" I believe it might have been and this would bring up all the topics ive posted in. Is the only way now to bring this up to edit stream and then change it to something along the lines of "my content"? There is no dedicated button for this any more? Sorry If I make no sense Im struggling to word it any better myself tbh.
  4. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Can't say that Im completely convinced yet....maybe just the usual teething problems when something familiar changes dramatically. I always used the my new content button on the top right corner of the old interface to check if there had been any responses on the threads I had posted on, will this return or is it located elsewhere now?
  5. Glanza Backboxes

    You can normally get a full japspeed system on ebay for about £350 but dunno if times have changed and whether they are still about.
  6. are you curious if the world will end in 2012 ?

    The Tesla guy? Isnt he just the modern day David Icke lol
  7. are you curious if the world will end in 2012 ?

    Rothschild/Rockefeller families (OLD MONEY) play a massive part in this. Why do you think the mainstream media the world over have an anti Trump agenda? The Trump family (NEW MONEY) were never allowed to the table with these other Billionaire boys club families that rule the world and as such the elitist controlled media now have it in for Trump tarnishing him at every turn. Also hence why he said he would be the biggest shake up to the institution the world has ever seen. Then you have all the ground level farcical movements and most of which are funded by the most evil man on the planet (George Soros) for example you have Black lives matter which wants to rid the world of black oppression so why black lives matter and not all lives matter? Another one is Antifa....the so called anti fascists who attack people who debate them and disagree with them, irony off the charts. It tends to be the unemployed socialist who cant work or wont work and have nothing better to do than demand they get everything for free while offering nothing in return. Have a look into George Soros though, he pretty much is the root cause for most of the worlds wars he also was the worlds main beneficiary of the Western Recession, so basically has huge input in the Western economy but is one of the main beneficiaries when the western markets fail. Oh also hes the guy at the centre of the whole pizzagate debacle. So yeah pretty much the most disgusting human alive.
  8. are you curious if the world will end in 2012 ?

    The Government and the media lie about most things. Both have an agenda and agendas cause lies. Its just that these things are ingrained into you from a young age, they then attach a negative stigma to the word conspiracy so that when someone mentions it you instantly think of a raving lunatic. Its not even so much about conspiracy theories as just pure and blatant misinformation.
  9. are you curious if the world will end in 2012 ?

    Everything you do, see, read, eat and buy is propaganda thats the beauty of capitalism. Not that I believe in other systems. As for the internet and such, anyone born after 2005 is f**ked kids nowadays are brought up and bred to all compete as to who can be the most offended. The generation of prizes for everyone brigade, people nowadays cannot accept criticism because its engrained into them to take offense. No one needs to take responsibility for their actions now, you just look for something to blame and leave responsibility on their doorstep. Makes it seem like we were lucky our generation was only f**ked by drugs lol.
  10. Ro55ifumi's Forged Glanza,

    Absolute shame, this was one of the cleanest V's around judging by the pics. 8 Months it lasted in someone elses hands, must break your heart John.
  11. What should I be looking for?

    Rust mate, look for rust, these are old cars and some of them havent been so well looked after. Also check the chassis rails under the bonnet for signs of accident repair. As above, look for smoke out the exhaust, slight steam will be condensation in this weather, if you are concerned then smell it and if it doesnt smell like anti freeze then it is condensation. Refer to the other advice above, for the other smokes. Luckily most things for these cars are replacable and readily available so if something is wrong it shouldnt necessarily put you off but should only strengthen your case to look for money off the asking price to compensate. Best thing is before you go and view a car, post the ad in here and most of us can normally tell you what to look out for just by seeing the ad.
  12. 0-60mph in under 5 seconds

    Read back the thread. OP mentioned BMW's. I put it into context. You appeared and dived in feet first, because you have an unhealthy disliking to a car brand haha.
  13. 0-60mph in under 5 seconds

    BMW's are practically the benchmark in most categories they operate in and world renowned as "the ultimate driving machine" but wee Chops on UKSO says they're shite, so everyone must be wrong. I see by your pic that your carer let you use photoshop again, thats cute.
  14. 0-60mph in under 5 seconds

    Explain big man.