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Build Thread

Found 14 results

  1. this is how the car looked when i bought it the car was standard when i got it so heres a spec list of the parts ive bought so far Engine 296@1.4 -Tuning development stage 2 forged engine with ported head -Blitz nur r spec exhaust system -Wepr downpipe -Wepr TD04L -Wepr intercooler -Full black roose motorsport hoses -Magnercor leads -TRD thermostat -Monster triple core rad , slim line fan -Braided turbo oil lines and oil return -Clear cam belt cover -Jd cooling panel -430cc denso injectors -Race spec rocker cover -A/C removed -ABS removed -Tuning developments ABS removal kit. -Cusco oil catch tank -Red fuel lab regulator -Tuning developments fuel pump -Gold sard oil cap -Race flow Race-tech inlet manifold with 65mm TB Chassis -BC racing coilovers -Carbon fibre Cusco front and rear strut braces -Cusco front anti roll bar -Cusco panrod Braking -6pot ksport brake conversion -OEM discs and pads on the rear Drivetrain -Helix Ceramettalic Paddle Clutch Kit -Blue TMD Braided Clutch hose. -Fidanza lighten flywheel -Quaife atb Exterior -16x8 work meister s1's -Rays Red light weight wheel nuts -Carbon culture carbon fibre bonnet -Livesports front lip -Livesports rear lip -Livesports side skirts -Livesports spoiler -Livesports eye brows -unknown carbon fibre canards -origin under carbon fibre canards Interior -Nardi steering wheel -Sony cd player -Apexi el gauages boost,oil temp,oil pressure and water temp -Blitz dsbc spec r -Hks turbo timer -Bride front set floor mats -Mint green vertex gear knob -2x bride gias 2 low max bucket seats -2x Takata harnesses -Alcantara door cards -Cusco 6 point roll age -Cusco carbon fibre door bars -Broadway rear view mirror -Rear interior stripped and inside sprayed black.
  2. Ok,so afta owning a black Sr and not putin up a build thread then writing it off,while serving my ban hav bought a white Sr and this time it wil b massive! many things planned for this future monster!so without further ado,here was my old 1... and now heres my new 1....this is how i bought it from kent.... it came with an AFR and oil/water temp gauges, honda CRX buckets,rear cage,momo steerin wheel, TRS 3point harness,front GT strut brace,rear completely stripped,jap back box,braided front n rear brake lines!im sure thers sumthin else but my minds blank lol more pix of interior cumin soon. so far I've added glanza skirts,de-badged it,bump strips removed,glanza rear bumper added,clear lenses,glanza tailgate cumin soon and a couple of tasty body parts cumin very soon wil update as and wen i can...... this is how it stands today until i get said parts above.... opinions welcome guys
  3. Cusco & Blitz 1.3BAR Radiator Cap Brand New £15 + Postage PayPal or Bank - Collection is welcome.
  4. ****postage will be standard irsh post unless buyer wants registered or express post, please state this before payment is made**** Item For Sale: electric windows switches RH/LH Item Condition & Description: removed from a 98 glanza, both are fully working with no damage or marks at all Price:30 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: add paypal fee plus 8quid postage irish standard or tracked postage which ever the buyer prefers Item For Sale: various buttons/switches Item Condition & Description:all in perfect condition Price:5 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:add paypal fee plus 2 quid postage Item For Sale:rear light bulb holders 2 double contact 2 single contact Item Condition & Description:all in perfect working order (NOT A COMPLETE SET) can sell separately Price: 99quid each offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal Item For Sale: Passenger side door handle Item Condition & Description: removed from 98 glanza very light scratches on surface (not noticeable when on car ) Price: 15 Pictures: Item For Sale: 4efe ecus Item Condition & Description: both fully working 1 ecu is from uk starlet and the other is from 98 glanza S Price:15 and 20 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:fuel cap Item Condition & Description:removed from 98 glanza Price :10 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:rear shock top mount covers Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:10 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_170147_zpsyf9ujcel.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 3 quid postage Item For Sale:speakers came on rear shelf of a glanza i had for breaking Item Condition & Description:not sure what they are worth if anything as they are quite ugly ha only reason im putting them up is ive seen them in a couple of glanzas on goo-net and other import sites,and have been wired in professionally looks like it came from the factory maybe? i dont know if anyone knows anything about them fell free to fill us in Price:99 offers Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165429_zps0d04yxal.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: oem ashtray Item Condition & Description:looks very clean Price: 10 Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165650_zpsisx3u2cn.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165645_zps7evqgxfz.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 4 quid for postage Item For Sale:bonnet hinges Item Condition & Description: perfect working order Price: 5 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165218_zpsly3ratrg.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 5 quid for post Item For Sale:rear lights X2 Item Condition & Description: both sets are in mint condition 1 set is from irish starlet other set is from glanza 96 spec Price:15/25 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165118_zpsnwmxwhdi.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 10 postage Item For Sale: driver clear indicator Item Condition & Description: clip is broke, would sell lens only Price:99offers Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164111_zpstnihkdjj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: 4efe manifolds Item Condition & Description:both are in perfect working order Price: 15 each Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164319_zpseolhm0tj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus postage will have to check that as these are heavy enough Item For Sale:rear brake light oem Item Condition & Description: all lights are working but one screw hole had a piece broken off still works perfect and is held in position fine (NOT NOTICEABLE WHEN ON CAR ) Price: 99 offers Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163641_zpsevfhfiab.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163653_zpslg1c6ks4.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 4 quid postage Item For Sale:ignition barrel plus 2 original keys Item Condition & Description:perfect working order both keys work in ignition Price:30 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162718_zps0039cv2s.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162731_zps9m4ctsf3.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal have loads more bits and pieces to add just have to get more pictures will try get them up tonight at some stage
  5. These are the parts that I have been hoarding over the last couple of years that I just don't need I will be taking to japfest 2 or collection from hartlepool is also possible . Cash on collection preferred but if you have no money then I can do PayPal but would like it as a gift or add the fees (doesn't matter about paying with gift as the part will be in front of you) and there is also a link to my feedback in my signiture if you are worried about paying via a gift etc I have tried putting this in the proper format however it will not let me so I will upload the photos with all prices and item condition below. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask I will try my best to reply on here however if I don't reply I'm sorry but im quite a busy guy and work offshore so signal isn't always my phones strong point so it may be easyer to TEXT or PHONE me on 07990832289 if you are interested in any parts ???? Takata tow strap - brand new in packet £10 Greddy magnetic sump bolt - brand new never used £5 Rays valves and valve caps - brand new in packet £10 Blitz reservoir socks - x2 brand new in packet never used I ordered 2 thinking they came individually but they come as a packet of 2 £10 for the pair Cusco rad cap - 1.3 bar rad cap new never used but has been removed from its packet £5 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE POSTAGE COSTS! I think that's about it if there's anything that I've missed or any aditional information that you would like to know please ask and I will do my best to get back to you but like I say probably better to text Thanks Jordan
  6. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you know I'm back, with another black Glanza V, but this time with a turbo! I don't drive this at the moment as I'm currently using my daily Golf. However, as soon as she sells I'll be transferring my policy over! The current daily: The previous owner who I purchased this car off had it for 8 years, he initially lived in Japan but moved to the UK about 3 years ago. He brought the car with him when he moved over and since bringing it did various bits and bobs to it. Here's the spec: Engine: -Standard 4E-FTE -Cusco Diff -Cusco Lightened Flywheel -Exedy Organic Clutch -HDI FMIC -Speedvision CT9 Hybrid -Speedvision CT9 Manifold -SARD Decat -SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator and Gauge -Fujitsubo Power Getter exhaust system -330CC Injectors -255LPH Walbro Fuel Pump -HKS SSQV -Koyo Lightweight Radiator -Lightweight Cam Gear -A/C Still intact -Magnecore HT Leads Interior: -Recaro SA3R's -Genuine EP91 Recaro Rails -6 x Defi Gauges reading the following Exhaust Temp, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost and Rev gauge with Shift light -Mapped on a Apexi Power FC by Yoshi in Japan -Greedy Boost Controller -Blitz Turbo Timer -TRD Gearknob Chassis -Tein Coilovers -Cusco Front strut brace -Cusco Rear strut brace -Custom C Pillar bar -Whiteline Panhard Rod -All OEM bushings replaced with TRD mounts apart from Engine mounts Wheels/Brakes -Drilled and grooved front and rear discs -PMU Pads -Steel Braided Brake Lines -Genuine Enkei RFP01's -Brand New Advan Potenza RE11's Exterior -Genuine 96 Spec front splitter -Genuine Rear Lip -Genuine Duck tail -Carbon Fibre Eyelids -TRD Bonnet Scoop -Sunroof Model A few photos: I have a few parts which I currently have sat around from my previous build which I'll be fitting in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled guys! Aamir
  7. Item For Sale: Cusco carbon fiber front and rear braces Item Condition & Description: Clean few scratches, some dirt on the metal brackets etc Fitment: EP91-EP82 Price:SOLD Payment & Shipping Details: Pay Pal 4%, ... FREE POSTAGE TO UK AND IRE Pictures:
  8. Hi, I wanted a square headlight Ep82 before i had a licence but no way could i get one and afford the insurance at 17 so i went through a few before i finally got Emerald. And the list begins : Suzuki Vitara 3 door, Sudaru Sport Wagon, Civic ESI Hatch, Suzuki Swift, i also owned a fews other that shall not be named . I did a few mods to the cars but generally didnt have them long enough to do much. So i have had Emerald since April 09, and up to recently i have been fixing what i can when i can. She had been running nicely until this april when it was M.O.T time and she failed, so wasnt running to well after all. Thought this would be a good time to start a thread as i am starting to do more stuff and frequantly. So here is Emerald!!! Some pictures showing her squeeky clean, I\'ve also removed the aircon after a silly bint stopped infront of me without warning.... ...... I also restored the headlights. Also got a video of us profesionally removing the aircon . I want lots of goodies lots of plans . aircon removal video!! http://s972.photobuc...=P1010052-1.mp4
  9. Item For Sale: Cusco Zero1 Coilovers Item Condition & Description: Used in very good condition, comes with top mounts..bit dirty, adjustable movers sized due to grit and all that shit, good bit of elbow grease should sort that out, if ya dont want to adjust them they are set up grand the way they are.. but if ya do there is another 50mm drop but i would suggest ya dont drop it any lower..lol no leak in coilovers Price: SOLD here is my feedback http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/72871-rock-kick-ass-feedback-thread/ Payment & Shipping Details: Pay pal + fee.. courier with tracking number Pictures: Standard Shocks And Springs On Cusco Coilovers
  10. Item For Sale: STRI Gauges Item Condition & Description: Brand new, These are probably one of the best set of gauges you can buy. The gauges include : Oil pressure, Oil temp, water temp and voltage. They are of a black background and light up amber, these are also the ghost style. Price: Complete set of the four gauges - £450 Oil pressure - £ 135 Oil temp - £ 115 Water Temp - £115 Voltage - £110 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Postage included, can be collected Item For Sale: Cusco adjustable panhard rod with spherical bearings at both ends Item Condition & Description: Used, is fairly rusty but not flaking just surface rust ideally would benefit from a lick of paint. Getting pretty rare to find these ones with the spherical bearings at both ends allowing the rod to tilt naturally. Both rod ends are also free to adjust and have been greased so their not seized solid. Price: £110 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Delivery included in sale or can be collected. Please add 4% if paying by paypal
  11. Evo 3 Recaro's These are my pride and joy so will only sell for the given price. in good condition but do have a little bit of glue on passenger seat that i am afraid to remove been told by many that they're rare recaro's on teg rails but they did manage to fit in an ep91 £400 collected NO OFFERS!! Tanabe coilovers 2nd owner i believe £300 collection only kenwood headunit with genuine toyota blank and brackets £70 collected / £85 posted Front strutbrace for EP91 £20 collected only glanza front grill good condition £25 collected / £35 posted purple wing mirrors bit scratched £10 collected / £20 posted purple passenger wing few little dents £30 collected freshly paint rocker cover have got new gaskets for it that i can include with price and also have a new TRD oil cap that i can include to with price just rocker cover £70 collected/£85 post +£10 with gaskets +£15 TRD oil cap space saver original imported spare wheel, board and original tools board has a little missing on the corner not sure what its all worth tbh but if someone could help me with a price that would be great i'll say £40 collected just for forum rules purposes H4 HID kit £20 collected / £25 posted inovits 15" comes with wheels nuts and tyres are all good This next ones a bit of a wild card but maybe someone might be interested. Wipac 5 1/2 - 6 inch spotlights good condition £35 collected / £45 posted Location for collection is NP11 7DA
  12. Well I thought it was about time I made a build thread after being around for so long lol. I'll start at the top! I first got into starlets back in 2010, my mrs brought a glanza which had the usual mods, exhaust, air filter, manifold etc, but still running standard boost. We only had it for a couple of months and had to sell because we couldn't afford to keep it. Once it went this sparked a fire inside and I wanted to try the GT, as I secretly loved the older shape. I spent a couple of months looking for what I wanted and in the end I got impatient, I ended up buying a 93 GT from a member off here in October 2011. It was covered in stickers, the Tom's bodykit was poorly finished, but this was just cosmetic, took her out for a drive and she boosted well and I just couldn't say no. After spending around 4 hours cleaning her, getting all the stickers off, she finally ended up looking like this: (Excuse the poor pics it was quite dark at the time) The spec of the car at this stage was: Engine : Stock 1.3 4EFTE Unknown brand exhaust system Decat Relocated air filter behind headlight HKS Air filter Cusco style catch can JD Tuning Engine damper Fuel System : Stock fuel pump Stock injectors Stock FPR Ignition System : Stock distributor setup Magnecore HT leads NGK Spark plugs Cooling System : Tuning Developments half size civic rad Slimline fan Jperformance intercooler kit Drivetrain : Stock C52 Gearbox Stock clutch Turbocharger setup : ToyTuning Hybrid Ct9 turbo Jperformance manifold Decat HKS SSQV version 1 Chassis : Enkei 15" Racing alloys 195/50/15 Uniroyal rainsport tyres Lowered on unknown brand of springs Brakes : Stock calipers EBC discs EBC Yellowstuff pads Electronics : Autogauge Boost gauge I knew exactly where I wanted to go with this car straight from the outset, so a month later in November I brought a 5E engine from Affy on TGTT. Then when xmas came around my Mrs brought me this And fitted Just after xmas I got speaking to Tim from TB Developments, who I had known for quite some time previously. I spoke to him about where I wanted to go with the car and I gave him some part numbers for some forged engine components. A week later Tim got back to me with a fantastic price for the whole lot. I then ordered the following from him: Wiseco Forged 74.5mm Pistons Pauter Forged Con rods Anthena 1.2mm headgasket ARP 4AGE headstud kit Whilst waiting for these parts to turn up I managed to get hold of some Meister R coilovers through a group buy, these turned up not long after payment! Not long after this I had the dreaded 4EFTE engine failure, the ringlands had gone on the pistons I had just had the car in for MOT the same day, gave the car a wash then later on during the day after a drive it suddenly lost power and felt sluggish. I managed to limp the car back home to Oxford 40 miles away, done a compression test straight away and revealed that cylinder 2 and zero pressure Unfortunatley this is how the car has been sat ever since in February 2012. Since then I've just been gathering a ton of parts to complete the build I wanted to the spec I wanted. I said to myself that the car wouldn't go back on the road till I see it fit to and I am happy with the state it is. After washing the car this time I found out how poor the paint job was on the Tom's kit, it had been done with a rattle can as it was more of a matte finish rather than metallic, so that will be getting sprayed at some point, but more interested in getting the car back on the road first of all. Also seeing that Lew777 had some Recaro seats with rails for sale, they were for sale for sometime, and whilst I gathered some cash after spending some notes on forged goodies and coilovers I snapped them up. Needless to say they went straight in the car. I also had an eye for some carbon fibre, a lad on here was selling some Cusco carbon strut braces and I couldn't resist the temptation! It also started my Cusco frenzy lol. Before : After : After ordering my forged engine components from Tim, they then arrived with me after a very quick delivery, I was pleased and motivated to get the car back on the road again after seeing some shiney bits My goal with this setup was to have a responsive, fast road car which I could take to the drag or circuit and still be competitive, so I opted to run a fairly high compression ratio, the anthena might not be used yet as I may go for the TRD 0.6mm, but I am planning on running some cams so I will have to check if I have enough valve-piston clearence which may force me into running the 1.2mm. I was now starting to save up some cash to order a turbo kit, well I chose to go for the Garrett GTX28 series turbo as it had great spool and was able to push around what I thought would be a healthy fast road/drag spec at 400bhp. I got in contact with Zisco and I had Keith make me up a custom ram horn style manifold, but with a slight twist. I wanted to run the Tial stainless steel V-band turbine housing which would make this setup completely gasketless. Keith said it wasn't a problem as they use the same housing on their own GT. Whilst I had the manifold, downpipe and screamer ordered I thought I may as well get a few more bits I wanted from the guys at Zisco. So a long with the turbo setup I ordered : Valve springs Shimless buckets Valve stem seals High flow fuel rail and braided hose After having some money issues which Keith was very patient about, I paid for all the items and a few days later they arrived. I have also took part in the thermostat group buy Tuning Developments were running, at the same time as this they also had available a very rare Cusco adjustable Panhard/Lateral rod, This one had rose joints at both ends which I believe is now discontinued to buy from anywhere. This carries on my trend of Cusco goodies Unfortunatley I have no pics of these yet. Since buying the turbo kit to suit a Garrett GT28 turbo, I've been doing a lot of research into other turbochargers on the market. I have now changed my mind about running the GT28 so the kit is up for sale. I'm going for something which in theory will spool faster than the GT28 yet still provide enough flow for 400+bhp, I don't believe anyone has ever ran this kit before, and only one person who knows what kit I'm talking about, and thats the person who is going to be making it all happen Over the next few months I'm looking to purchase the following : New turbo kit Race Tech race spec intake Race Tech exhaust system Cusco MZ 1.5 way diff Well thanks for looking and I hope to update this as I get new components to finish the build off Adam
  13. Item For Sale: Genuine cusco rear strut brace for ep91 Item Condition & Description: excellent Price: £75 ,will take offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: £10 or collection
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