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    Starlets Starlets Starlets!! I have owned 3 SR`s, a black, silver and currently a white 1. im turnin it in2 a TD04 monster, watch this space....

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  1. Amazing to see a starlet from the motherland! get more of your friends with starlets on here!
  2. Sorry to hear about your pal, hope all works out on that. However in respects to your SR...love the work youre doing, great attention to detail. Had a black 1 myself until i crashed it, had a silver 1 for a breaker on the scrappage scheme and now a white 1 i really need to add ALOT of pix on. Kepp up the good work, youve got 1 really awesome wee car!
  3. Why has noone suggested cutting a small section out of the scoop yet? itll cost nothing and you wont notice...
  4. second last pic is the best Nic and you know it lol
  5. The harness eyebolt still pisses me off to this day and that was years ago! Can't believe someone would be so fuckin stupid tbh! A so called tuning company aswell! Proper amateur stuff aswell! It's OK tho, she's in the hands of someone that's pushin her to the next level. I'll upload a power of pix 2moz if I remember!
  6. GTS thanks alot for sharing those pix! She was fuckin minted! Love it! Sometimes they're best left like that but I wanted to do something a little different... Will upload pix in the next couple of days but she doesn't look anythin like that anymore! Haha The previous owner, I can only describe as a cunt. Car was in a poor state! Angle grinder nicking the rear arch, wiring no workin to name just a couple but the best 1 is this... I drilled a hole in the passenger side of the tunnel to fit a passenger harness and while under the car I thought I'd just double check the drivers side eyebolt the
  7. If you were a skilled driver, you wouldnt have to use 'hard braking'
  8. So youre sayin that changin really old brake fluid to new makes a difference? ive always wondered if it did, thank fuck youve told us though because I always feared my SR Turbo would lose a few bhp if I changed the fluid! :/
  9. A guy called eric russell owns it im sure and its in the best condition its been in for years mate
  10. Keep your vile abusive comments to yourself tobz.
  11. I feel great, cheers for your concern but! il check in now and then for a giggle. or just re-add me on facebook and we can be bestest buddies again!
  12. Im hardly ever on here, so how could people possibly be annoyed by me? my behaviour is absolutely fine mikey, read above, I called you an idiot. hardly offensive, as I know youve been called worse. Also il add that im pretty sure someones axle is now ruined as you told him to cut bits of metal out to fit poly bushes... so get off your self-righteous trip and be quiet.
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