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  2. Well in autox you experience some suspension bind with the alk and us tercel guys usually remove it. It is kinda like a chirp chirp chirp while going around some corners. The alk does help alot with wheelhop though. I can tell you that from experience. You might benefit more with some bumpsteer plates that is added on to the control arm. It all really depends on how your car is setup though.
  3. Not really worth the amount of work. Better off buying a rwd car in the first place.
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  5. Hey everyone how do you make a starlet gt rwd ??
  6. How do I make a starlet gt rwd ??
  7. I've just fitted a custom rear arb can't report back on handling till after my next race. But in should help a lot from what I've heard
  8. I'm after a varis front bumper preferably a good fitting rep as I dont want to be spending millions
  9. I'm now after a rear anti-roll bar. Does anyone have experience of these? If they make a good difference, and running them with the anti-dive kit whittline do?
  10. Good spotting.. I think this idea may be down the drain. The seller has none of those parts, nor the drive shafts
  11. Last week
  12. Wow !!!!!! Great build just read from the start Well done keep the updates coming I had little pockets machined into rocker cover then bosses located into them and welded up prob a bit ott
  13. Well mid season upgrades before the next race💪 After a bit of research with the rear Anti rollbars avaliable for the starlet nothing really seemed to fit my OCD Not saying there's anything wrong with the avaliable kits but didn't fit exactly what I wanted. As I wanted adjustable positions (for wet/dry settings) and and a hollow ARB (For weight) So set about looking for something I could adapt from another car. Then as it happens my main competition (clio's) had the ideal setup with a tweak. From a company called Pure motorsport a well known Renault motorsport parts supplier . So after measuring the auldmans one he had fitted I took the plunge and ordered a clio part to fit my Toyota to try and beat clio's 🙈 After some tweaking , machining we have a new custom rear arb hope it helps
  14. Bit more progress this evening. First photo is a 120 grit buffing wheel, second and third photos are a 240 grit buffing wheel. I have 16.5 hours on the board so far though I suspect it’s near or just over 20 now. Next up is 240 grit buff on the second head, then 300 grit buff the pair before decoking, porting and buffing the intake and polishing the top of the cylinders. Still a long way to go yet.
  15. Spotted in Tonbridge today on the industrial estate about 5.40
  16. you also need to get the rear mount (black bracket) and you also need the rear alloy mount that bolts onto the car.
  17. 280bhp+ 430cc injectors. Its a td “stage 2” build so has td04 turbo
  18. whats your setup, everything stock or did you change anything?
  19. Good to see pal! It won’t be long until the 1st win comes along
  20. It's very very snappy I'll say that, take a bit of getting use to lol Practice makes perfect Mike haha
  21. A few small mods before next race involved a higher pressure radiator cap and larger expansion tank. To try to stop it spitting out coolant after a hard run. Next event involved a trip further north to golspie in the highlands Always a great track which involved 2 different track layouts changing from Saturday to Sunday's race. Usual class entry mostly clios but a few others inc a well specced Honda ep3 on itb Good entry in class of 10 again so plenty to battle with. Usually I would be battling my Auldman in his clio too , however he had gearbox issues. Leaving me to offer him a double drive in my car 😁 So the starlet would be getting twice the abuse over the weekend. Saturday was dry thankfully and car seemed pretty planted but a bit understeery. Throughout the day we played with damper settings and tyre pressures and dialled out a lot of understeer . Resulting in the Auldman pipping me to 2nd leaving me in 3rd but hey I'll take that. Sunday was a different story soaking wet leaving interesting conditions. After our first runs we pushed more with our second runs , me possibly too much resulting with a trip into the grass and tyres leaving my braking slightly too late but no damage apart from a timing strut. Ending the day trying to rebuild my confidence ending up 4th missing 3rd place by 9 hundredths of a second. But on a plus note the Auldman took the starlets first win by almost half a second So ending the weekend with a 1st 2nd and 3rd trophy It did show up that rear arb required before next race which is the end of June
  22. Clutch noise sounds like a proper race car now 😎 You must be better than me at sticking on reflective tape , can I get it to stick
  23. Still sitting on my shelf.. open to sensible offers
  24. Might be worth seeing whoever has the box if they can supply the shaft with it. They come up from time to time but generally get sold with a box rather than on their own
  25. been a few weeks and my ep91 has been having issues. car is cutting out and making allot of pops and bangs around 5k rpm under load, in neutral its fine, wont go past 5k tpm without misfiring or over fuelling. cant tell what the issue is. please help asap
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