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  1. If its a glanza with a Tom's bumper and pink fogs it's mine.
  2. That was my glanza with the toms bumper, jam wing and carbon ducktail 😊
  3. I passed there about 8, was a silver v on the hard shoulder
  4. Drove passed you in the work van, looked tidy from what I saw
  5. Need to replace my nearside CV joint but unsure on which part i need to buy as ive found 3 different types. i have an OEM LSD box on my glanza which i think came out of an L reg GT. Is the only way to find out to take it apart and do a spline count? Any advice welcome Thanks
  6. See you at the lights by hickley road
  7. There's a page on facebook called dizzy decals that makes custom ones for £11
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