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  1. There are 2 pop in clips and one bolt, the okt is at the bottom and the clips are up top and the middle the rear trim that the seat belt runs through comes off with 3 bolts and reveals the bolt at the bottom
  2. I do have an arc with a hks bov and adapter to fit it all
  3. Well ive just fallen in love !!! I wonder if your wing peices will fit other cars ?!
  4. Now when i lowered my gt ot was the outside of the osf wheel thatvwas scrubbing, and now ive put the panhard bar on its the nsr 😂😂
  5. Hopefully you can get someone to admit to your wheels the bastards!! And massive fairl play to you, most would have given up by now !! Jordan
  6. Bump on this thread!! I recently bought a gt and if im crusing along its fine but when i put my foot down it jolts and splutters, does this sound like fuel cut to everyone else Mods are arc top mount and a hks system from cat back Thanks in advance
  7. If your close to kent i do somewhere and its all going to scrap otherwise so help yourself willow
  8. I know the feeling of n/a bay cleaning, there is a pic on the show us your engine thread of mine i belive lol
  9. Thats actually pretty cool tbf, well done to you !! 10/10 for ingenuity
  10. Hopefully hun, gimme a message soon as there is a local meet in maidstone every 2 weeks hosted by tansel, you should pop down with the boyf be good to have a catch up
  11. Normally if the ballasts go they stop all together but it could be the stalk its self i have the same problem with my mr2 it will flash high beam but wont stay on constant 😂😂 so i assume the stalk connector has give up bud, could be wrong though
  12. Weyhey what else tou got going free then akyak i need all the free shit i can get 😉
  13. I have a spoiler for sale :') just don't advertise it lol and you can do everything on a budget look at my instagram and see mine it was all done for as cheap as possible love so dont be disheartened by budget My insta is bushwop if you dont have it lol
  14. Side exit the old girl then 😉😘
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