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  1. WEPR Kits for the win. Always love for them. and good choice on the Livesports. I had a set on my GT. Looking good.
  2. Will stay unlocked till buyer confirms receipt of items.
  3. Stainless or? RW Developments in Lichfield. Not Brum but great chap
  4. Some hints here - http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/49562-toyota-celica-st185-caliper-conversion-whats-needed/?view=findpost&p=640786&hl=%2Bbrake+%2Bguide
  5. Great stuff Charl. Thanks for the heads up on this. Look forward to seeing it progress.
  6. White Glanza spotted passing the Acton, Chester road wrexham. Shouting waaaaa out the window......at around 11.55pm
  7. I havent watched it recently no. But its the best line i remember and was quite fitting for the post lol Im liking it already, thats for sure. I hope i see a 'barrel' sticker somewhere at some point.
  8. Fucking hell Nick....... Hope you get it sorted
  9. Good to see that this is still on going!!! Glad you're ok from the fall too
  10. It's nice to see TD finally pulled their fingers out and got this finished off for you after almost 2 years... Look forward to seeing more updates.
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