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  1. I did, my turbod Altezza was only really built for track, Cusco C1 Coilovers, GREDDY turbo kit and gutted. I had an almost stock one at the same time. It's a Beams engine, heads built by Yamaha, revs to almost 8k... An RS200 also comes from the factory with an LSD If I was doing another run around Europe, honestly a DC2 would be near the bottom of my list. They're gutless unless you're kicking there heads in and ridiculously noisy on the motorway. I loved it on the right road/track don't get me wrong. But cruising down the motorway or just doing daily chores it was a pain in the ass.
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-TOYOTA-ALTEZZA-RS200-Z-EDITION-TOP-SECRET-BUILT-BEST-IN-UK/172888785125?hash=item2840f980e5:g:zKgAAOSwEH9ZZpyO Something like that would be my choice... But I've had 2 of them, I miss those. I don't miss my DC2.
  3. They're lighter than GT4s, clever suspension setup, if you went for the V8 it's an alloy block.
  4. Turbod Altezza. That would do the job beautifully. Or potentially even a V8 swapped Altezza/IS200, it could be done within budget... It's got me thinking now.
  5. This quote function is killing me on the mobile... I can't delete them. A DC2 sits at 4,500rpm at 70ish... At 100 you will be in VTEC. They're not great on a cruise, loud and the engine feels permanently strained mate.
  6. I got all 4 bolts in. You can also go for the method stated in the last post. To get all 4 in you need a mate to give you a hand with a breaker/just a thick piece of steel to bridge the gap
  7. Mileage Vs Maintenance. A well maintained car with higher miles will be a lot better than an average maintenance car on less generally. I've gotta ask, when you fit the 98 Spec interior does that include the standard Glanza seats? If so, Id shop around. They're crap. Gen 7 Celica seats go in well enough and are a LOT better
  8. Can you take any photos of the box? Sent from my Lenovo P2a42 using Tapatalk
  9. It always makes me wonder why these folks don't get someone slightly literate to proof read there ads before they post them. If someone's typed an ad up like a berk I'll tend to avoid it, as would most folk I'd imagine.
  10. I think that's something that should be pushed by members. If you know someone with a starlet, direct them here. If they don't turn up on here, harass them. They'll do the same when they settle in.
  11. Ever since having a Toms Chaser on Gran Turismo 2 I've wanted one of these. It was my favourite car on the game. Very jealous right now.
  12. I wonder if the tax man sees any of that cash...
  13. Addymk2

    Random hero

    The thing is... A fake Takata harness has the potential to leave you soaring through the windscreen en route to the back of the lorry you've careered into. A fake Bride + fake Takata leaves you in a similar position, only your ass and back will be filled with shards of fibreglass as the Bride would implode on impact before the harness snaps. You've careered towards the lorry when your boost levels spiked through the roof because your fake Tial wastegate stuck closed and punted you into the kerb via 4.8 bar of boost. The fake BBS you imported from Ali Express has shattered on impact leaving
  14. This filthy thing. Still needs lowering...
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