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  1. Okay update,cleaned plugs replaced pcv a big issue causing oil carbonisation and other blow by issues.cleaned inlet.cleaned iacv cleaned injectors.done.
  2. Lube gbox cables try and get maybe slightly longer cables bent bracket where the gbox cable is attached with the metal plate slot or bent plate worn bush.the plate can be pulled with pliers or a tong.that's a nice line for the females I need your tongs my gearstick is crunchy or my gears are grindy.hey tongs my 2nd gear is not engadging
  3. Check your clutch bolts loose or missing and cracked mounts,sometimes the mounts okay can be a crack on where mounts bolt onto engine is cracked,I've cracked it and fixed twice taken to engineer,could be extra meat on new clutch or un evenly torqued bolts between gbox engine or even clutch plates,release bearing!l
  4. No adjustment,lube your cables and grease/lube shifter,wd40 moly spray,you can cut the cable cover a small bit spray.seal it with any adhesive and rubber.check the tube.I had the same issue SOmE times can be cut worn bush not keeping the cable straight just have a look lube the ends can work too.
  5. Battery first,terminals and terminal wires and fuses ground too(corrosion and rips on terminal cables)alternator cables.
  6. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/reptillianhunter/embed/slideshow/"></iframe> http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah88/reptillianhunter/IMG_20171003_060608_zps6pfdpdhs.jpg http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah88/reptillianhunter/IMG_20171003_060608_zps6pfdpdhs.jpg okay the 2pin connector is for o2 sensor,what is the 6pin connector for?.where does the 2 pin for o2 go?
  7. Right my ecu part number is 89661-10160 for 4efe 26p for manual.i need help figuring the secondary o2 sensor,im not very competent in electrics,wiring.actually as since I saw the wiring did not make any sense. I just got done repairing knock sensor cleaning intake iacv,butterfly intake(fixed ecl),replaced the pcv valve,did wonders in smoothness response ,especially the pcv.she is still thirsty high fuel consumption.so started digging around and found my secondary o2 sensor not plugged in and just stuff making no sense when the opened the center console the gearbox shifter cover.the wiring is a
  8. alignment went off you hit potholes(tie rods checkem too for wear)/if your boot rubber split and water entered /even after replacing sometimes the driveshafts cool but will get noise the annoying clacking on full steering turn slow speed/but goes when you go above 10mph.check your bearings too while you at it
  9. All im saying before you do anything know limits of your car and increase skill,skill is also worn tyres completely worn pads and a wet road.especially mud where now you will learn about momentum and throttle control finesse or several crashes cursing and crying my baby ,although the later never happened because I love my baby and there's a method to my madness.left or no left foot braking skills and practise.
  10. Guys my under steer is not bad I'm.but I'm not excited ,I was trying to be humble and not say I'm a natural plus I wanted to share knowledge.so give and receive universal law.hey Collins go yo my gearbox thread and tell me what gearbox I have !I&#39;ve posted pics.plus I'm addicted to corners I can't help it i go mad.I know I need an intervention guys.but all I'm saying yeah the understeer is a design safety so you can learn throttle control on limit .but like I said with illegal no thread stock skinny 165/70/13 I'm telling you skills went off the scale and you put a crash wall inches from
  11. This is what worked for me guys hard setup upfront and softer at the rear.okay had stiffer springs allround,then swapped rear for softer springs ,it solved the understeer,i actually swapped the rear were too hard on my back especially country roads(on top what the guy told me were original springs for rear new,they werent were mushy soft kind of like a slinky toy,but there was a flipside).I&#39;ve had the stock tyre sizes and wider tyres,worked on both,but again many factors involved you do get slight(minute) understeer but its learning the feel of the car,like camber of road,bumpy road,up
  12. please go to my thread help me identify my gearbox
  13. my lsd is simple rev the engine on a dry road dump the clutch its goes like this wheelspin lsd bite traction small wheelspin bite traction then lock and unlock lock and unlock it literally digs in or bites the road .what im describing is the bitting and no clutch burning smell if you did not have lsd you would be smelling the clutch and just wheelspin and not moving forward much,with lsd its wheelspin then locks you move forward unlocks locks you get traction and move forward.(i kniow),also when you scandinavian on a dry dust road handbrake counter steer it like the fronts really glued down,i
  14. okay we like dirty pics but not this kind(excuse the leaky driveshaft seal needed to check parts seals and stuff,thats why i need you guys/i know drop the gbox as soon as i get a chance,i dont like her leaky) lo and behold the gearbox that gotaway from toyota area 51.it clearly says ''3''. unless i i got a prototype gearbox woo.but im hoping its just a known gearbox make it easier getting parts i need for her. http://imgur.com/aatgpBg http://imgur.com/YljXS0H http://imgur.com/JNuyTT5 http://imgur.com/4xTcNXA http://imgur.com/r45SNAf http://imgur.com/letWPku http:/
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