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  1. Hello how loud was this did you have it db tested
  2. well 2 spec clutches have let me down now they are fucking shit. Hope this one does the job. I like to hear good news like this
  3. i will most probably im thinking of going in intermediate will have 2 or 3 sessions.
  4. just googled them yes a lot of bad review think I'll steer clear.
  5. Looking at getting a clutch and came across techniclutch on eBay they supply helix they can do a helix 3 piece kit or supply there own cover plate with a helix friction plate. Didn't know if any one has Tried them or heard anything about them. Cheers
  6. It's there no clutch that actually works in a starlet they either don't fit and rub or last 5 mins we need some one to make a decent clutch.
  7. ok I'll have a look at helix one where did you get yours from thanks
  8. ok I can deal with that if it's just when it's pressed isn't the end of the world. Ok thanks for help
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