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Pretty much got the design down of the piston, and you have done the hard part drawing up the design + getting the design of the rod made into a great product.

After opening afew 4e engines you can see the level of wear difference between the inlet side (signs of wear on the skirt and bore) and exhaust side (no signs of wear) of the piston as well as the heat affects. 

There is also the odd shape of the combustion chamber, and valve angles which are the reason for the wear that is taking place on the inlet side of the piston on the power stroke. A side note here is when we are seeing failed engines with standard cast 4efte and 4efe pistons because of cracked ring lands it's happening on the inlet side. 

The other area of concern is the thickness of the head gasket 1.2mm (weak point in the combustion chamber) is leading to poor cylinder squish zones/turbulence/air and fuel mixing (large piston to head clearance) This along side the indirect batch firing injection is leading to pockets of hot lean stall gasses causing head gasket problems. mainly in the area between the cylinders where there is the smallest coolant channels. This seems to be the the most common point of head gasket failure. 

The design includes a thin copper head gasket to improve cylinder squish zones and improve cylinder turbulance/air and fuel mixing. A ported head with inlet ports design to create cylinder swirl as well with material removed from the combustion chamber aimed at increasing exhaust valve flow as well as to reduce compression ratio to compensate for the thinner head gasket. (the thinner head gasket will increase compression ratio). And a near flat top piston angled to promote even power loading on the piston and rod as well as improved exhaust port flow. Another side note here is the fact that the exhaust valve has a restriction of 60% of its circumference. 

Glanzagee has some great mods relating to improved crank oil pressure and volume delivery. Highly recommended. 




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3 hours ago, mycars12 said:

Just a thought. Looking at the maxspeeding rods they seem to have more meat around the wrist pin area. Isnt that "meat" in that area essential for higher revs since it will see alot of stress?

They my look like that except these are more solid in that area

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6 hours ago, ChaseWheatley said:

The Titanium 4E rods are finally finished. 3 years in the making!





Wow. Just wow. 😳 Bloody well done mate! As Ozzy Osbourne once said, if your gonna go, go strong, go proud, go hard, go loud or go home👍🏻

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On 6/10/2022 at 10:06 PM, Trevstar said:

Wow. Just wow. 😳 Bloody well done mate! As Ozzy Osbourne once said, if your gonna go, go strong, go proud, go hard, go loud or go home👍🏻

The is mate. Yeah well all rods in the market weren’t good enough to be honest. None of them had enough cooling or oiling properties 

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On 8/24/2023 at 2:40 PM, shorty said:

Fairplay! Awesome looking build mate.

No crank work though? Is a stock crank ok for big revs?

I polished it that’s all it needed, stock bottom end. It’s lighter than the factory rotating assembly so it’s still going hard and strong 4 months later. Running 30psi 

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