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no its not. you have to modify two of the plugs.

I've just done a 96spec conversation and it's not straight forward.

Depending on what way you are talking about doing the conversion.

Im not saying a 96spec V engine ancillary loom fits direcrly into a sportif engine bay fusebox.

Im saying.. i have a full Glanza loom which will fit into a sportif.

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If you change the dash loom as well you need to change the steering column and stalks. The 96 spec Glanza loom plugs directly into the 96 spec NA engine bay fuse box it's just one of the ecu plugs and one more dash to engine bay loom that needs modified.

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yeh its doable. there is also a lad on here running pink 7afe injectors on a fcd/map clamp. ive also been looking at some 4efe builds recently that have been turbo converted and they look to be running standard ignition timing going off the piggy back used and position of the distributor. 

if you use a adjustable, fuel pressure regulator as well you should be able to get, a pretty good tune. ive got some 7afe injectors here if your interested. ive also got afew adjustable pressure regs, and a kemso fuel pump. 

i was looking into this around 1 year ago with a friend and we worked out that on the 4efte 295cc gray injectors at around 1.8-2bar fuel pressure on a aftermarket raising rate fuel reg this is far to low fuel pressure. i suspect that cold start fuel enrichment would be a problem, you might have to run a choke (variable resistor) on the dash like an old school choke cable in place of your coolant temp sensor.  

if i remember right we worked out that the 7afe pink 230cc injectors at around 3bar (standard) fuel pressure will be around near spot on. if you use a aftermarket adjustable raising rate fuel reg. 

id run a FMIC, a low temp thermostat, engine earthing kit and bkr6iex spark plugs to help the low kv 4efe internal coil and a aftermarket high flow fuel pump. 5-6psi boost

defo would be good to see the results.  

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I think there are plenty of cheap piggybacks available (like the ecumaster det 3) esp. if you find one second hand.

One big problem with not using a piggy back and just "fudging the fuelling" on the n/a is that you won't be able to adjust the timing correctly and the fuelling would probably be wrong somewhere in the rev range. 

Not worth the risk.

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