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Rory's SR 'Tank' (May updates)

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So a good few weeks ago now I bought an SR, not just any SR though. It's and SR with a bit of a history.



This used to be owned by a girl called Chanelle Nash, It was also featured in an issue of Banzai Magazine.

I bought if from a great guy called James Brookes. He was really cool and helpful and he chucked in a load of spares too.

These are the pictures i received prior to going to buy it:





The car has a few bits needing doing to it to get it 100% mechanically sound. List of jobs include:

New suspension setup

Brake rebuild and upgrade (possible glanza axle)

Complete service of all fluids and new service parts including belts. (this depends on compression test results)

Headlight restoration

Bonnet respray

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I think it's about time I updated this. I've done quite a bit to make it my own and I've also taken tank back to the Sr roots a little.

First was the rear lights, I love reflect rear lights so I snapped these up off ebay


Then I really wanted some 98 spec front indicators. I couldn't justify the cost they were being sold for so just decided to make my own. Bought clear lenses for £15 and then just painted the inserts myself. I decided on a white centre rather than trying to chrome paint them


Rear lights definitely stand out better on white starlets


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As you can see I also got a genuine recaro seat, it's on a genuine bride rail too. The bolsters are fucked and there's a few fag burns but I still love it. Also got a 'Takata' harness for display purposes only. It didn't cost much so it's a blatant rep.


I didn't like the sticker bomb interior bit's eother so swapped them out. The sticker's took the top layer of the leather from the wheel with it so 'no fuck's given' I just put electrical tape over it until I get it replaced


I also got some genuine 5 piece glanza mats

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So, as it's an SR, I thought I should get some replacement decals made up. I actually got these before I even bought the car. It was always the plan. I've held off putting them on for a while but with japfest prep underway I got them on





They completely change the look of the car, and go really well with the wheels too. I absolutely love the car atm

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I'm so happy with the SR at the moment. I want a mid spoiler and lives port wings for it. Very similar to Beth's old SR. New low mileage engines to source and fit before something massive!

This car with become Supercharged this year. Yep you heard correctly. An na with a supercharger.

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Ok so time for a bit of an update.

I decided to put the 98 spec front seats back in. The recaro was in need of repair so i decided to sell it and some other parts so i could get other stuff done to the car.

Ive been holding onto this for a few months wondering if i should sell it or get it painted. I managed to get a good quote that i couldnt pass up so it went from this:




A really rough Glanza S bonnet, to this:




No the colour match looks crap but theres a lot of fade on the bodywork of the car so it does need a clay bar and machine polish to hopefully get the shades closer.

Im mega happy with it though. I can fit the SR decal to the bonnet now. Hopefully get a machine polish in ready for JDM Combe this weekend.

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