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S14a major rebuild

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On 12/2/2019 at 8:07 PM, Bean said:

Nice job one a Vac fitting 👍

Cheers, couldn’t find exactly what I was after in stainless so I got some bar and turned it myself. 

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Polished up the gear stick surround washers today and anodised them. Never had any dealings with this process before and with so many variables I had no idea what to expect. But overall I’m quite happy with the result. I don’t think one was quite clean enough as a bit of the colour was a little blotchy. I need to get another tank heater to warm up the dye as this was only at outside air temperature. Ended up with a really nice satin finish on the parts. 





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Ordered a Gizzmo boost controller. These seem to have some good reviews so I thought I’d give it a go, for the money they seem pretty good. 

Managed to get an s13 sr20 cam gear bolt from Nissan to fit adjustable cam gears. 



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Had a bit of time off the car over Christmas but back on it now. Got most of the downpipe welded up, got 4 racks to cut and reposition the flange that’s bolts to the rest of the system as that’s off by about 10mm. Welded a boss into it for the lambda sensor and the screamer pipe now has a v band on it. Next up is the intercooler pipework and I can finally pull the engine



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On 11/15/2019 at 7:44 AM, federalman said:

Intake pipe test fitted all fits together nicely. 


Finally got round to wiring everything in since redoing the battery relocation before. 



What the name of this block to collect wires?

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Had a day off today so got the Tial MVR 44 fitted up, it just squeezes between the engine and turret. Some billet engine mounts will stop the engine moving and the wastegate hitting anything. 

Plumbed the boost controller in and made up a bracket for the solenoid to mount to. Just need to get a decent finish on it and I can then anodise it. 

Got the wideband, boost gauge and boost controller mounted on to the dash. The original plan was to get the oil pressure and water temperature gauges mounted above the stereo but I found today the gauges are just too big. So I shall get another 2 gauge brackets and mount them behind the boost controller. 












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Got the bracket for the boost controller solenoid anodised. Had to make up a new plate for the stereo as the original gauge mounting plan didn’t work. Anodised that and the gear stick surround and I’ve now started work on cleaning up and spraying the centre console satin black. I will also do the door handle inserts and heater controls the same. 







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On 2/11/2020 at 7:51 AM, Sam44 said:

There's some great builds on here.

Keep it up skills of plenty going on. 

Thanks the whole anodising process was a suck it and see moment really. I had no idea what to do so I got a kit and a couple of colours and used YouTube. 

I’m not 100% happy with the work but I’m an electrician I just learnt bits off my old man and have it a go 

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Few bits have happened. I finished off the heater controls and stereo surround. Just need to do all the plastics on the door cards now. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t 100% sure on coil packs so I opted for the R8 ones as the information was pretty obvious on them. These sit a bit higher than another Audi type. I’m not keen on the look of the coil packs sitting there. So decided to get back on the lathe and machine some spacers. These need anodising and I’ve got some finishing washers to machine over the weekend. 

Didn’t like the lettering on the coil pack cover so I’ve smoothed that out and painted it in a pearlescent blue I had kicking around













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Quite a few bits id finished but hadn’t uploaded. Interior trim is now smoothed, black and satin lacquered to protect it. Currently all in bubble wrap as I still have gauge wiring to do before I can put the interior back together. 

I have 8 metres of 1” CDS ready to fabricate the front and I got some aero catches off a friend for my 30th. Still a way to go but there is plenty happening. No progress of late however as someone hit my van on my way to work so I’m currently recovering from a bad back and shoulders. Hoping that’ll fully heal soon as I’ve got so much to do 












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The original mounting place of the power steering reservoir fouls the vac line on the turbo so I fabricated a new bracket. The top bolt is an original and the bottom bolt was a nutsert addition. 




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Decided on a change of colour for the cam cover, it will end up the same as the Starlet: a Naoki Nakamura inspired theme instead of the light blue. 

Took forever to strip with paint stripper but it gave a better finish than just sanding would have. It’s now in primer and once fully hardened it can be packed away ready for painting further down the line. 



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