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So I’ve had my S14a since 2012, did a bit of work to it and crashed it in 2014. I originally set out to tidy the thing up and bring it back out. However four years later I’ve ended up in a full scale rebuild. I’ve got a thread on Driftworks I’ve just started to update but I shall keep this one updated more no doubt. So I’ll do a run down of the current spec and then it’ll be a picture heavy post of the original car and then how it is to date. 

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So it’s current spec so far:

Cheap and nasty intercooler (requires custom pipework for GT30 top mount)

Driftworks camber arms

Driftworks Geomaster toe arms

Driftworks traction arms

Driftworks front lower arms

Driftworks rear lower arms

Partsshopmax rear duel caliper knuckles 

Standard rear calipers and handbrake mech

Driftworks/Wilwood hydraulic handbrake to be plumbed to Wilwood twin pots

Japspeed superlock tension rods

Japspeed extra lock track rods

BC Racing coilovers

Work D9R 18x9.5j

Rays SS7 17x8j

Ultra racing front strut brace

Outlaw racing products rear strut brace

GK Tech rear eccentric bolt lock out kit

R33 gts-t front brakes

Driftworks supercool rad and custom twin fan setup

Partsshopmax eccentric steering rack bushes

Unknown braided clutch line

Hardrace front and rear droplinks

Superpro rear anti roll bar mounts

ABS deleted

Air con deleted

Driftworks braided brake lines

Japspeed front lower brace

HKS carbon Ti cat back 

Unknown decat

Unknown downpipe

Japspeed T3 manifold

Manual conversion with unknown clutch and flywheel

Bride Zeta 3 glitter back seat

Cobra Monaco seat

Driftworks harnesses

HKS direct bright boost gauge

AEM wideband

Unknown short shifter

Vertex bodykit

 Z32 MAF 

Driftworks rocker arm stoppers

Driftworks braided turbo oil and water lines


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With the larger alloy radiator I decided to bin off the viscous fan in favour of a twin electric fan setup. These are 10” or 12” 80w fans. Having tested them they had the power to suck the lathe, pillar drill and welders into a new dimension that opened up in the middle of the garage. After gaining my tooling back I decided these would provide sufficient cooling when there is a lack of airflow through the car. So the fan Mitto kindly donated to me from some D1 car in Japan now sits on my wall. 

Some photos of the fabrication work and machining I carried out


I used some delrin to make inserts into the bottom of the radiator to stop the stainless wearing through the aluminium


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Race spec cam cover with AN10 fittings. I made a catch can to fit onto the radiator framework. I found a company that makes some very fancy looking cam cover bolt kits. But I’m tight and had some aluminium in stock so I made my own


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Had to make up a frame for the rear number plate lightsdIJ62O9.jpg0QKFLEr.jpg

Needed to attach the number plate to the front bumper. I’m not keen on making holes in a good Japanese bodykits that aren’t hidden. So I made a sturdy stainless frame for it9alrdTi.jpgUMLRUKT.jpg

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Holes in the boot lid had to be filled. And a random assortment of other photos of bits and bobs. UziY41b.jpggrDvfsz.jpgolLSYTa.jpgACSVIDP.jpgLQVdpMV.jpgOdCEm14.jpgSome serious lock without grinding back the original knuckles and without the track rods


Catch can lines


The Partsshopmax knuckles have a 25mm true drop at the coilover. This is its current rear end height on skates. I shall be keeping a fair amount of reverse rake on it so the back digs down when you’re on the power. 


Swapping all the bulbs to LED

5RsLB2s.jpgThe z32 maf does not fit on the Apex’i filter so I had to make an adapter. Just some flat aluminium from the metal pile. 


Going to have to flare the arches as 8j do not fit under


Work d9r


Partsshopmax eccentric rack bushes


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So that’s where the car currently stands. I have an oil cooler turning up at some stage and will need to order the power steering cooler. I’m aiming to put both of these in each front wheel arch. Getting as much as I can done before ordering up the GT30 and fabricating the downpipe and intercooler pipework. Then it’s time to pull the engine and tube frame the front end. 

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16 minutes ago, Calum122 said:

Lovely work going on here.

Cheers for that. The welding isn’t the best, unfortunately I’m not a fabricator by trade so I just don’t get enough time behind the torch. But I’ll give anything a go

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Cheers! Need to get the front anti roll bar off and wire wheel it before painting and fitting a pair of bushes. Then it’ll be waiting for the oil cooler to arrive. Need to get a tube notcher and arch roller in the next couple of months as I need to make a new front end for it and I definitely need to flare the arches! I shall be respraying the car so I can be pretty aggressive with the flare, want to get it as low as I can. 

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This brings back some memories!  My first S chassis was s14a touring in Damson.  Bloody loved that car.  I converted it from auto to manual on my driveway, which was interesting :D.  Then I had a red Sileighty, a grey S13 and most recently a white PS13.  There's just something about the S chassis that keeps me interested.

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Finally able to get photos sorted. 

I’m mounting the oil cooler in the drivers side wheel arch. The plate will bolt into the arch. Just waiting on the oil cooler and metal bar to arrive so I can measure up and drill the holes to mount it and then weld it all up  


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Oil cooler turned up today from good old china. About the same price as just the block adapter from Tomei so I was skeptical if it but I was mainly interested in the adapters and lines. The core is actually very good so no need to buy a decent core. I’d say that’s a win. Drilled all the holes for the mounts so just need to weld it all up


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I don’t get to spend nearly as much time on the TIG as I’d like to but I do alright for an electrician! I think it’s a nice touch if you can say you’ve done all the fabrication yourself. 

Nice S15!

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Finally got round to ordering the power steering fluid cooler this week and it arrived yesterday. Managed to finish the framework, made from 3mm stainless. Plenty of strength to it and it won’t rust. Currently waiting on some 6mm stainless rod from China as I mistakenly ordered it from there but it was cheaper than getting it from the UK. This will then be welded to a plate and fitted inside both front wheel arches.slBn0nn.jpg8EAYIhG.jpgJRLFdnh.jpg9Uj2fCH.jpg

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