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"Lsd" how can u tell

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Different rear gearbag mount I know bud, think case is different too, will send ya pics of my non lsd mount later :)


my favourite method would be launching it getting it spinning and see if you've left an 11 or a 1 lol

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4 hours ago, garbs said:

Is it only the factory optional lsd that uses the different gearbox mount?

so a quaife/cusco/kaaz lsd etc could be fitted into a standard box with a standard mount?

Yes, you can fit an LSD to a Non-LSD box.


18 hours ago, maddox710 said:

The rear gearbox mount is 2 piece, the main bulk of it is alloy and it has a flat black steel cross peice 

Also both Driveshafts are more or less the same size 

That's really interesting. So that could potentially eliminate some torque steer if the driveshafts are similar in size.

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19 hours ago, Calum122 said:

When the car is jacked up and in neutral, if an LSD is fitted, you can rotate one of the wheels and the other will spin.


Obviously if it's in gear then both wheels will spin since all cars will have a differential, but in neutral it should not spin.

This doesnt always work as some need load on them 

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On 9/13/2018 at 2:44 PM, Ollieh17 said:

This doesnt always work as some need load on them 

I know with my OEM LSD, it needs load to lock up. So wheels turned, dump clutch coming out of junction it'll leave a 1 wheel peel. But load up the car first, get it crawling and then do the same it'll spin both wheels

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