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Toyota starlet MK2 GT Turbo, Forged 5e build

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28 minutes ago, SKINY said:

Sounds like fun was had lol :)

any pics off the rust repairs bud, sounds pretty much the state mine is in  :(


Don’t think I do mate but I’ll have a look, keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be updating the thread again later today 👀

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Now with the engine in its current state I’m pretty happy with it. So this can be put back aside and I now want to get this car absolutely mint. It will need a full respray regardless as some of the grinding dust has set into the paint and rusting all over.

But as well as a spray I want to get any ding and mark out, like I said I want this car proper mint and don’t want a half arsed job. 

whilst looking for someone to take the car on I was also accumulating bits, managed to get a livesports spoiler from fiske, genuine toms sideskirts, and potentially a genuine rear livesports lip. All these are my favourite exterior panels for a GT. now the real dream would be these and a toms front bumper but that’s never going to happen and if one does come up I just can’t justify spending over £600 on one.

So to just finish the front off I got a custom made lip from a lad called a Zhi Vho Fiber on Facebook. And also got a cheap grill as I prefer a blank one and don’t want to butcher a stock one up, so here’s the car before paint and touch ups. (Spoiler has not arrived yet).




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Also managed to pick up some Genuine ADVAN RG’s!

they do look a bit on the sorry side, but I’m also on the hunt to find someone that can refurbish these back to factory condition, these wheels are a massive pain due to having the blue lip and then the ‘advan racing’ stencilled in. So I’ll keep them as they are until the times right

(they weigh under 4.8kg per wheel!)


cleaned up a little bit. :)8BDF0336-C42D-4123-AC73-CDBA7306A6A5.thumb.jpeg.e8d6bdba7eb39b2a7e0cb24e5cb4e48c.jpeg

managed to find a online store in the states that sell the original stencil and stickers for these wheels as long with a shed load of rare/cool stickers-vinyls-sunstrips and badges! Think I’m going to get a TRD emblem and a toms sun strip! Check out the site


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So I’ve found somewhere that has taken on the task of refurbing my advans, he also might take on the car itself to prep for paint. the lad is a self employed powdercoater/ sprayer who comes from a panel beating background. (ideal) Hes come to have a look at the car and see what it needs to doing and decide whether he wants to take it on.F2E00DF0-9EB3-4B20-978D-1E4AA6547629.jpeg.2724c3c7a00df4d9eb06871c88c798ac.jpeg


after confirming he will take on the starlet I got the car transported from my house to his unit which fortunately is about 0.8 mile away. He wants the whole car there as he’s going to get every panel bang on.

 he’s recently repaired and fitted a C-west bumper off a civic that was in about 17 pieces, which now looks like a brand new bumper! Which makes me have a lot of faith as if he can do that, mine should be a breeze to get right.


car is now in his unit, and the prep work is underway ! All dints and dings being put right! 

He’s even managed to pull a nasty dint out from the top of the A pillar which I never ever thought would come out from how deep it was! 


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So the lads been putting a shift in getting this car sanded back ready for paint, and being able to see what areas need work.

minor rust bubbles at the front of the bonnet, sanded back and primered.


Now the only part of the car I couldn’t finish my rust repair was passenger rear arch, as the inner lip had gone as well. With this lad having a panel beating background he knows basic metalwork/ fabrication. He also knows techniques to stop panels warping/ distorting when being welded as well which saves a lot filler afterwords.

Here’s the finished outcome, over the moon!

approx 20mm stripped away until fresh he hit fresh metal.





There we have it, fully welded & ready for paint!

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On 9/20/2020 at 3:47 PM, Sam44 said:

Good to see a GT getting some TLC.

Back from the grave. 


On 9/21/2020 at 12:02 AM, glanzadude said:

Looks great lad. Have to spray my Gt soon 

Thanks lads, Really starting to appreciate the car now, been nearly 2 years since I last drove it and I’m really starting to miss it, can’t believe I almost sold it not long after having it 😕

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On 9/23/2020 at 2:51 PM, glanzadude said:

Nice build, did you get much springs with your external wastegate? 

Not sure if I got a full set or just the one spring, will have to check when I next go to see the engine, but if it’s the one spring it’s either a 9 or 10 psi spring.

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Popped to the unit to see the car today, fully painted now, just the sideskirts were coming out the booth as I arrived so hopefully pick up the car next week and bring her home. Still waiting on spoiler and the odd little bit but soon it’s time to start buttoning the car back together! D0AF8E7E-4BA6-4C42-9783-928D86BC1B4C.thumb.jpeg.1166e97683eb3cfe7e9a4048a9e2af79.jpeg
maybe this lip is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the exterior wise the EP82 is a very limited car, let alone front end so I was happy to get something to make it look a bit more aggressive, and now I think it looks mega!

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Busy day for the starlet! 

ITEC intercooler core, one of the top cores money can buy finished off @ RW Developments to suit, twin back door tanks welded on. These mean minimal intercooler piping is needed, this leads to less turbo lag hoping to provide me with a broader powerband on boost!





and the final piece to the exterior puzzle. The one body part I have been after since I got the car in March 2018. Livesports spoiler



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How much did you pay for the intercooler core?

Also I have the same wastegate also bought from TB Dev and it comes with a variety of springs there's a chart online to show different combinations for whatever pressure you want

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13 minutes ago, ste91 said:

How much did you pay for the intercooler core?

Also I have the same wastegate also bought from TB Dev and it comes with a variety of springs there's a chart online to show different combinations for whatever pressure you want

Hi mate not sure on the core price as RW developments sources them and then welds the tanks.

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55 minutes ago, jwhite said:

Hi mate not sure on the core price as RW developments sources them and then welds the tanks.

What was the total price if you can remember it? I've been looking at Garrett cores but those ITEC cores look good

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