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sliver gt, fabrication heavy! NOW PAINTED SATIN BLACK

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i got my quad light around may this year, i at first wanted a white glanza but i found this in the paper and though it would be worth looking into. so i made the trip from my town to elgin to see the car. i payed £2000 for it it was a little bit expensive but it was in good condition and the interior was mint. and it had full tax and mot. the first night i took the car out i was racing a 106 sxi with a gti engine and won... the next week i raced a saxo vtr and won and i started to really like the car lol.

this was how it was when i got the car.



after a few weeks i started looking into some new bits and bobs for it. started off with a front mounted air filter and removed the a/c, so i got the relocation kit and a non air con belt from monster motorsport. got this done in one night after work it made a huge diffrence to the car. and sounded alot better!



next as i said i had to get a new longlife exhaust (cat-back) its a 2.5" from the cat back, but after a few weeks i was very disapionted with the longlife cat back i got made up. cost me £278 and was not loud at all sounded ok tho.


it was not until i seen that camskill were selling a japspeed cat backs for £280 so i got one asap :) much much better it was louder better qaulity everything was better. one of the best things i got fot the car.


One night on ebay i seen toyosports made stainless manifolds and i thot £80 was too good a price but i got it anyway, it lasted a few months and the gasket lasted a few weeks... but i learned a leason and put back on a ported cast manifold. the toyosports got p.i.m checked at work to find out if it was mildsteel or stainless... the machine went nuts and did not have a clue what it was lol


i started to look for a front mount intercooler kit, so again i checked ebay and found that toyosport made the kt, i checked out tgtt and evryone said they were ok. so i got it when i came to fitting it the bracket that where given were no use at all lol so i made them for from 3mm alu. the fmic gave me a bit more lag but the car did drive better. it was not a bad buy.


i was going to get rota slipstreams but could not find them in satin bronze and i could not aford to get them painted but i found some reps... they are stupid light compaired to my old OZ alloys. and with the paradas in the dry give great grip just a little big scary in the wet or damp

<img src=&quot;http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa430/mark1991c2/Image0158.jpg" class="linked-image" border="0"> <img src=&quot;http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa430/mark1991c2/Image0159.jpg" class="linked-image" border="0">

and to go with them i got a full set on paradas 195/50/15 from cam skill



the mods so far are as follows

*hks fcd

*hks turbo timer

*front mounted air filter

*front mounted intercooler

*ported cast manifold

*jperformance braced de-cat

*japspeed cat back

*pilar mounted boost gauge and oil temp

*red stuff pads and grooved front discs grooved discs and mintex rear pads

*parada spec 2 tyres all round

*rota slipstreams replicas

*air con removed

*door mounted speakers which i believe to be rare

*deep dish steering wheel

*gizzmo electronic boost controller

*6000k hids

This last weekend i got a spare ct9 it was in fairly good condition too :)

so i set about removing the exhaust side of the turbo, them removing the wastegate penny (i hade to remove the weld) i measured the wastegate it was 22mm ish. and then the penny which was 29mm. i drilled the wastegate out to 25mm and then 26mm.

pic below is the wastegate drilled out to 26mm


the standard penny and modified penny compared


this with the penny removed, it gives alot more room to work.


after the drilling the penny was a little bit too small to cover the wastegate. so i tig welded the outside diameter of the penny to make it 32mm. and re-surfaced the penny on a flat surface with sandpaper and them smooth wet and dry until it was smooth.

after putting it all back together i removed to matrial to make sure that the wastegate could not catch on anything. and re welded the tab back on to the penny arm.

the turbo was re assembled and fitted to a tubular manifold that i fixed (it was cracked so i re welded it and put a brace in) along with new gaskets. as seen \/\/\/\/


after the turbo was fitted i took it for a test drive and it held boost perfect. no fuel cut at all all the way to redline.

i am also waiting for my meisterr zeta r coilovers to come :) and after i get them fitted i will see about getting my exedy stage 1 clutch fitted :)


took the car for a early drive this morning too.





time for a small update,


i got a new set of magnicore leads and the king lead, spoon socks (i know there are more of a honda thing but there blue) and you cant see but i got my gizzmoboost controller plumbd in behind the inlet manifold.


i got a new deep dish wheel aslo as the factory 1 was getting past it best.


my full wrapped japspeed i got from cam skill £280. i had a longlife exhaust on it but i just was not keen on it tbh. wrapped the downpipe and most of cat back when they were on took a few more mins but cba taking them off. in the end i think the exhaust was a bit louder...?

took the car out in the dry and i noticed that the clutch was slipping a little bit, so i though that i might as well got a new one, see alot of people using organic exedy clutch so i got a stage 1 organic clutch kit. £260 ish. cmb said £190 to fit it... but i think i will do it myself. anyone think it will be tricky?

started wrapping my td04 manidold and downpipe yesterday


and i am going to make a good turbo from the 2 in the picture when ever i get round to doing that


got my gizzmo boost controller fitted a few weeks ago, need it to be placed a bit better tho... where has every1 else got there ebc's?

i will see about a alloy rad kit

i got my td04 relocated today, did not take long but here it is




i still have to make up an actuator bracket as i am going to use the standard one and raise to boost with my gizzmo ebc. and looking into making up oil and waterlines. i seen some kits on ebay... can anyone tell me if they are any use?


i am looking into getting the car mapped on a destek uni chip, try my best to get it running 1.1bar for crail banzai day and total jap car at knockhill.

o also got my coilovers on tuesday :)




they will bo going on this weekend :) and last weekend i got a hks filter from carmen


TD04 IS DONE, all i need now is a civic alloy rad a 255 fuel pump and a ecu.





small up date guys :)

i have got a dastek piggy back ecu coming this week also :) and a reverse scoop for idrees on uksc. i will try and get my walbro pump into! MOT on tuesday then the diy screamer pipe is going on!!!!!

i got my civic alloy rad in on friday afternoon, made the bracket for it myself out of aluminium and a grommet set i have in my garage :) saved me £35.

i got the old rad out it was a bit past its best and tatty looking, also needed for the td04 :)


i have to cut off the old mount to make if it, just a hack saw job :)


and after


and it fitted and ready to go, as you can see diy brackets :)



for the fan i wanted to keep the standard plug so i cut the old plug off the rad and wired it to the new rad incase i need to take it out. the job did not take too long but i was taking my time :) and i know the over flow pipe is blocked off as i forgot to get a new

longer silicone hose lol


i made a diy screamer pipe at work, made from stainless pipe and a old autobahn downpipe total cost £40 :)




i also braced my td04 manifold at work. should help alot!



and i took my jperformance downpipe off for it mot last week to find a crack... :( but its all welded up now!




a wee update, i have my new clutch (comp clutch) as the exedy stage 1 was crap :( and i have a rear panhard rod to fit also.

i so my rear bumper wet and dry'd with 1200grit and 2500 grit and polished also got the rear spar on too



i also got a takata harness altho it was a china jobby it is very good!


i painted the cam cover traffic purple (i thot it was more tm-development pink)


also i got the welder out to remove some bolts from some(every bolt) evo bucket seats... every bolt was rounded off. and got them on to some custom rails in my mates glanza... i know its not my car but thot i would let you guys see what i am up to :)


and me and my mates starlets





DIY front strut brace

was working on saturday morning and thot to my self that i needed a new brace on the front as... well being a welder that shud be easy for me lol

i went out the the car and took a few sizes (hole pcds and the hole for the top mount) i made the brace kinda like my mates carbing brace apart from the front bar is round not oval. so i made up all the parts and cut a pipe (i left everything a little bit bit as i could trim it later) i have a stick welder in my garage so i would bolt averything down then tack weld it in place then weld it off of the car. before starting i disconectd the battery :) and used flame retardent boiler suits so protect the engine :)

this is the part that will mount to each side top mount :) no holes yet


and this is the bar


this is the brace set out on the ground not welded yet


i have skipped a few steps as i got a wee bit excited lol this it if painted at fitted




Got my toms side skirts on for a little look, i will get them fixed on this weekend :)





This week i have a little bit of impulse buying in the form of a zisco td04 ram horn extnl w/g manifold and down pipe, And a tial wastegate for tuning developments :) I had a thot that re welding a cheepo toyosport was a great idea but i can be bothered having to re welding it every few months... :S As every1 says buy shi*te you buy twice lol I went about welding the internal wastegate shut at work. \/\/\/\/\/



As you know the turbo exhaust housing is a cast and 9 times out of 10 it will crack not long after welding here is a few tips if anyone is going to do.

* pre heat the exhaust housing before welding (100 degrees c)

* If you can stay away form mig and tig welding when welding cast

* In most castes mild steel filler wire will not take a good hold to the stainless alloy (penny) and the cast (turbo), I my opinion stainless steel fillet wire works alot better. I used 316 stainless but all grades should work well. ie 304, 321 316

* After welding let the exhaust housing cool down very very slowly, To do this wrap it in fiber glass wool or something that is fire proof. the big mistake it to let it cool down too fast as this can lead to cracking most of the time along the middle of the weld.

This is my zisco kit all heat wrapped with black heat wrap.



I am still waiting for my tial wastegate and a 0.5bar spring. I will keep you guys posted

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Wish I had the space to do work on my cars all I've got is my public car park, washing line and hope to god no thieving little shits steal anything

Keep up the good work dude car keeps getting better

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cheers :) i have my tial wastegate coming 2moro i think and a tial 0.5bar spring on thursday :) td04 on friday i hope :)

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cheers :) i have my tial wastegate coming 2moro i think and a tial 0.5bar spring on thursday :) td04 on friday i hope :)

Cool dude what management you going to be running?

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dastek i think, i did see that tuning developments r doing a deal on emanage...:) but a little bit too far way

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Tuning developments have mapped my car on a couple of occasions with different set ups and I have been impressed everytime if u can make the round trip is definitely say its worth it mate

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I hade the day off this friday and i was just itching to get the td04 on at last, I started at 8am got the car jacked up and on a set of stands.

I got all of the ct9 gear taken off in no time at all the only had a few wee set backs...

the civic rad hose (bottam) was hitting the wastegate... GUTTED so i had only way to fit it ;) but the alu pipe off and move it 7-8" over. S i cut it off drilled a hole on the other side and cut a wee bit of aluminium to black of the hole. I got a lift into work and got it all welded up and came home to fit the rad *the rad was cleaned out very well to remove any swarf from drilling*.

The next thing was that the copper washers for the oil feed were....pish! so i had to got to halfrods to get a copper washer set. I worked alot better but still not 100% but i got dowty washer X2 for mark at cmb.

the brace to the gear box needed redrilled to get a bolt through the 2 braced and onto the gear box.

With all the bits and bobs i had to top up the oil and fill the coolant and drop the car down... And clean the garage lol

the car seamed to drive well not ragging the titts off the tho.

Here is how it is now :)







I took the car out to cmb autos so that mark could check it on the wide band, After him giving it a good ragging lol he said it was fueling well, Thats with a 0.8bar spring no fpr and a walbro fuel pump.

Even tho the car is running safely **BUT UNMAPPED* i molested a porsche boxster....Good and proper too!

And also my mate 202bhp *hybrid ct9 running 1bar* glanza could not keep up lol

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About time somebody else seen sense and moved the bottom rad hose to where it should be. ;)

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Mapping :)

The car was dropped off at wallace yesterday morning for fitting of a dastek uni chip, plumbing in a fpr and fitting injectors.

I told them to get v power i would have to drive 16miles to get it, So i wanted it to be safe to run 95ron fuel it need be. Also that i was wanting 1-1.1 bar of boost.

I picked up the car to find out it made 208bhp at the fly. I had hoped for something closer to 220bhp but at the end of that day it is not mapped to be pushed to the limit and go bang.

The car drive very well but i think i may need a lsd lol here are the print outs






just a little update, i got new yokohama paradas all round today fitted by mb autos :) and i got an answer to my problem (oil coming out of the breather) mark at cmb told me than it ould be a early sign of piston ring failure... to much of my disapointment i was wanting to forge the engine at some point. i am just hoping that it will last for good few months.

my tuning developments t/b pully


this was the last thing i made at work, with the tial wastegate kits you get 2 stainless steel flanges so i made a sreamer pipe as the zisco one was rusting, i thought having something that low to the ground and made of mild steel was not a good idea.

After seeing a few people having these fitted at our last meet in aberdeen i thought it was time to make one, rather than buy one as they are not really cheep.

The fittings an be bought from ebay.

The 90* fitting is £11 you will need 2 of them.


The weld in male fitting an be bought from the same place also. £3 and £1.25 postage. 2 will also be needed.


The tubing is again from the same place priced at £9.69 per meter. I bought 2 meters just to be safe.


I will upload the pictures very soon and a step by step. its not hard but i though i would show everyone how i did my cam cover :)


This is how i did it :)

First of all you need a cam cover, and you will need to remove the pcv valve and the metal breather.


the areas marked in black are to be cleaned/ removed



cut off the metal oem breather pipe


once it has been removed drill the bottom half out of the cam cover and increase the size of the hole.



clean off any paint or oil fron the to open holes.



these are the fittings and weld in male thread



these will be welded in as showen.



and look like this


The best way to weld the fittings in would be to warm up the cam cover but i did not want to damage any seals.

TIG welder set for TIG on A/C around 110amps (for some of you someone else be welding this but it takes no time at all to do, so if they give you a stupid price walk... this will take no longer that 15mins if cleaned and ready to weld) MAKE SURE THAT THE FITTINGS AND CAM COVER ARE SPOTLESS!!!!



as you can see when i wire brushed the cam cover just about all of the paint came off lol



i gave it another paint in the same colour :)

I hope this helps you guys. i will show you guys pics of it fitted too.

I will upload the pictures very soon and a step by step. its not hard but i though i would show everyone how i did my cam cover :)

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This build is amazing fair play so much craftsmanship going in to it rather than off the shelf goodies. Really admire the fact u can build your own parts and a bit jealous u can weld :( lol

Keep the good work up mate

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Easily one of my favourite silver GT's keep up the work man!


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Cheers for the comments guys :) i have been serving my times as a welder and doing homers saves me alot of money :) i have now got a set of speedlines from TD04 project (allan) i will upload a pic very soon :)

I got a spare fuel rail and thought i would give it a paint... but i ended up polishing it :) i only went out to my garage to get my ipod from the docking station and ended up spending 1 hour smoothing the fuel rail lol



And as most of you know when you buy a tial wastegate you get flanges with them. but if you but the zisco td04/ct9 kits you dont need the tial flanges... so i made a stainless screamer pipe as tbh i did not want the zisco one rusting.


Edited by mark1991

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