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cheap solid shifter and cable bushings!!

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Skate board bearings. Cheap as chips

8mmPenny washer

8mm washer


8mm washer

8mm penny washer

Split pin

Cost less than £5

Levin forums ftw!

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Very cool! Thanks for the share dude! Dean i'm guessing Abec3 or 5 skateboard wheels will do the job?

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Taken from http://s15.zetaboards.com/AE111_Forum/topic/7331067/1/#new

Been meaning to write this up for a while.

Bushes for shifter cable linkages AE111.

Enhance your shift feel!!


2 x 608-2RS or 608-ZZ bearings (can be found in most skateboard or scooter wheels)

8mm ID x 22mm OD x 7mm wide.

Panel washers 8 x ~25mm OD and 4 x ~15mm OD all ~8mm ID.







Remove shifter cables from gearbox

Remove / lever out the factory rubber bushes

Using a nut, bolt and some washers or a g clamp press a bearing into the linkage end.

Should now look like this (they are a perfect press fit)


Place 2 big washers on the gearbox linkage arm pin thing

Then place a small washer on

Then slide the linkage cable with the new bearing on

Then another small washer

Then 2 big washers

Then put the original split pin back in.

Repeat the process for the other shifter cable.

(Number of washers will vary depending on the width of the individual washers use a bit of common sense)

The smaller OD washers are used against the bearing so they only touch the inner race allowing the baring to move freely. And this makes up for the fact the bearing is slightly recessed into the end of the shifter cable.)

Now go for a drive, should feel nice and mechanical now. Gearbox should do what its told. No more pretending to go into reverse.

I would recommend replacing the bushes for the shifter mount as well. (directions to follow)

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Abec's for the win, good write up bud will help me out a lot, interested in the bushes now

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I cant take any credit other than sharing it but Thought it would be a much cheaper option when I saw it.

Solid shifter bushing are there too. So since im on a sharing spree...

And on the subject...

For the shifter it's self..

Because I cant be bothered making / selling shifter bushes anymore here is an cheap and easy solution.

Shifter mount, solid bushes AE111

What you need.

16 x 3/8 panel washers. (~3/8 ID and 1 OD)

I got these at Mitre 10 Mega.




First remove the shifter from the car

Now remove the factory rubber / metal bushes.


Now separate the two parts. (You can discard the rubber bit)


Now get a file / dremel / drill bit and increase the ID of the washers to 12mm. I found a file the quickest.

What you are trying to do it make the washer fit onto the steel part of the factory bush.

Like this


Repeat with all 16 washers.

Now place 2 washers on each of the metal factory bits.

Then the shifter goes on

Then 2 more washers go on.




Now your all done, so reinstall in the car and enjoy how much better the shifter feels.

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Excellent bud, you should make a sticky as will help alot of people im sure :thumbsup:

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Well if socks or who ever see's it they can either move it to the how to section or put it in the wiki.

Only reason I posted it in here is so more people saw it.

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