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Finally got myself a Glanza

engine wise its standard apart from a blitz dump valve and some sort of exhaust that ill have to get a closer look at

body work is in very good condition, i would think it has probably been resprayed at some time.

anyway, gave it a good wash when i got it home so here are some pics:






i believe these wheels are sparco crimson ns2, someone correct me if i'm wrong


plan to do a bit to it slowly so watch this space, first thing on the menu will be to remove the air con i think.

Comments welcome :)

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Thanks all.

Yeh I just picked this up on Thursday there, not fussed on the wheels so might see about changing them at some point or else go a different colour.

Yeh the exhaust it pretty big looking, it's actually a tip that looks like it's been spot welded to the original tip, looks like it was ment to be that way!

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Yeh bodywork is excellent! There's a few wee bits that need sorted with the rest, interior lets it down a bit atm. Funny I'm not a fan of that nardi wheel at all! Useful to know about the exhaust tho, thanks!

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not much of an update really

sold my n/a last week, got a few pics of them both before it went



decided to freshen the strut brace, turned out really well, just needs a polish now





have also picked up a trd anti roll bar


selling the n/a freed up some cash so there have been parcels arriving down home for the past few days so it'll be like Christmas when i'm home at the weekend :D

also getting a new gearbox fitted tomorro as mine has a slight crunch in 3rd, hoping its ok as the fella i bought it of had never actually fitted it to his but said he was told it was 100% when he bought it

hopefully more updates soon!

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haven't had time to do much recently as I'm pretty busy with work atm then i don't be near the shed at the weekends to get stuff done

anyhow, have the gearbox in just over a week and seems to be all good so far, hope the new oil isn't hiding anything atm

getting the box in


i think this had been overlooked on the previous few services so replaced it


definitely running smoother at low speeds now, like in slow moving traffic etc.

thats all for now

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got my trd anti roll bar and a pair of bottom arms powdercoated red.

not going to be fitted for a while until i get new poly bushes, anti lift kit, drop links and ball joints


also had my wheel alignment done recently and the rear nearside wheel is toe'd in slightly, anyone any ideas what could be causing this or is it just the axle is bent and needs replaced? rear of the car feels all over the place when i hit a bump :/

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An adjustable Panhard arm may be able to help with that toe in....check them out.

Will an adjustable panard bar not just move the axle laterally? Can't see it effecting the toe surely?

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nice glanza dude. Any big plans for it?

Thanks, nothing mad, just get a good ct9 setup over the next few months and improve handling too :)

Found the main source of my awful handling, a bust rear coilover, so basically had no dampening on one side, so swapped them out for a few that I'd bought and never fitted to my n/a.

car still pulls to left due to the rear toe'd in so will have to investigate that further soon

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got a few interior bits tidied up yesterday, got steering column covers of hayes2014 and got them fitted so the car no longer looks stolen lol





you can also see the omp rep wheel i got of chris green about a month ago.

also got a uncut parcel shelf of ebay





hopefully get a few more bits done this week :)

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Nice job mate my glanza was the same no column covers when I got mine haha. I can't really see from the pics but what seats are in it?

Cheers :) makes a massive difference to how it looks inside!

I'm not 100% sure but they look like escort rs turbo recaros, I'll try get a pic up of them sometime. Plan to change them some time in the future.

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Well well well lol that's my old car bud :p was wondering where it had got too! Looking as beautiful as ever :)

Haha, was surprised no one had said this yet as there isn't that many of them over here. I'll look after her well ;)

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  • adzy changed the title to Adzy's track Glanza

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