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  1. Jamie93DLZ

    Mrnoris N/A Daily Progress report

    if you could it would be great. ill pay for package etc and post of course and yes NI my sr is missing them. thanks
  2. Jamie93DLZ

    Mrnoris N/A Daily Progress report

    would you post the mouldings? will pay for packaging etc
  3. Jamie93DLZ

    Back again in a SR Starlet

    So having trouble at the minute with the sr as it has a cobra alarm and i lost the fob so going to sort it out sunday after i fix the womans water pump on her t sport. hard getting a minute to do anything so going to build up parts and do a mini restro.
  4. great project really enjoyed the read.
  5. Jamie93DLZ

    Sr bump strips

    Wanted bump strips along quarter panel door and wing, both sides. Thanks
  6. Jamie93DLZ

    Back again in a SR Starlet

    Thanks buddy will be a lot better with your graphics on. I'll order tomorrow morning if that's okay. I'll pm you now to stay ahead of things.
  7. Jamie93DLZ

    Back again in a SR Starlet

    Thanks, hope it comes up well as it is hard to get a nice excample now. Will get onto him tonight and get them ordered up for sure, last Ones I got of him were spot on. Is he doing the gel badges?
  8. Jamie93DLZ

    Back again in a SR Starlet

    Been away from a starlet for awhile and finely found a clean sr starlet, not mint but hope to have it back to being road worthy again. Plans: New exhaust centre section Sr decals of Morgey if he still dose them Bump strips on if I can find some Tte rear back exhaust on again Speedlines refurbished with new gel badges Buff and reseal paint work New number plates Mot next week Glanza rear axle to improve breaking I little bit. Generally clean and tidy it to a nice excample. New Sr in need of a little work What I had been driving while away My old Sr no longer about
  9. Jamie93DLZ

    Wanted SR STARLET

    As title looking a SR starlet again. Any for sale soon? Thanks
  10. Jamie93DLZ

    ITB'd 5E-FHE remix sportif

    Epic work Chris! Hope to be at a starlet meet this year if your going. Hope to be in a sr again tho
  11. Another sr getting bought :) role on England

  12. Jamie93DLZ


    Looking an sr starlet in black if possible! Would prefere if it was standard also. Not expecting a new car but decent, dont mind abit of work etc! Looking one the end of the month are next thanks. Jamie
  13. Jamie93DLZ

    Rob's SR

    Really liking this thread !! Dont turbo it tho
  14. Jamie93DLZ

    bought my first glanza :)

    Welcome darragh
  15. Jamie93DLZ

    Crank from one engine into another?

    Okay thanks lads