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  1. Yeah I had one on my old na made a big difference
  2. Started and the engine and gearbox mounts today only to find the rear gearbox mount bolts loose and one was half hanging out !!! All the brackets will be blasted and painted with powerflex bushes
  3. Plans are to just clean up and hammerite the steering knuckles and driveshafts and fit rose jointed track rod ends
  4. Also got chance to fit the brakes and bled up with castrol srf that was £45 a litre!!!! So it better be good. Also got the front arb and links fitted too, the front wishbones will be coming off to be blasted, painted and polybushed
  5. Exhaust is done but there’s a lot I’m not happy with so will be taking it back to be rectified next week here’s a sneak peak
  6. fitted a new battery today as the old one was too big for the clamp to fit, also fitted the td socks
  7. I’ve cleaned everything to bare metal in the blast cabinet we have at work but making sure it’s all soaked and cleaned after in a parts washer. Thanks for the compliments
  8. Yeah went fine just waiting on pads and disks, I’ve gone for mtec grooved disks and ferodo ds2500 pads
  9. Brakes are done just need to fit them now
  10. Few more bits from euro car parts and tuning developments today, cheers mike
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