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  1. Hello everyone  Are you one those who has a high hp build on your ep82 or ep91. But your suffering to get all that power down and end up breaking your gearbox ? And if you not one of those then pretty sure you will be if your building a high hp and reliable car. Please have a look , read through and participate as I'm sure this would pave a new way of tuning these cars. Please spread the message. Thank you Regards Faiyaz
  2. Bumping up this thread I've been talking to Richard from tegiwa. We still need more interest in this .so yeah any one who can spread this on to other social media could be helping us.
  3. White 97 forged GtX28 ep91 build!

    I agree to this it makes sense we have gone over it and have found no bad effect besides lag and cr but motor is still health and going higher. Thank you for all the inputs .now back to stressing about gearbox 
  4. White 97 forged GtX28 ep91 build!

    Sorry bout that don't know what happen with that reply . Ok so this means it' fine to have the trading I have now?
  5. White 97 forged GtX28 ep91 build!

    Sorry bout that don't know what happen with that reply . Ok so this means it' fine to have the trading I have now ?
  6. White 97 forged GtX28 ep91 build!

    Assuming you want this info Full race spec head (extended port and polish, faced, valve seated and shimmed, including):  Uprated Valve Seals  Uprated Valve Springs (suitable for high lift billet cams)  Uprated Valve retainers  Solid buckets with lash caps, and shimmed  Billet camshafts 8.8-9.0mm lift and 272 degrees duration   This was all done by zisco.   Also the compression test we done was with engine warm . What doesn' make sense to me is if they was something wrong then why get the exact same figure across all cylinders .We just doing some test before changing the tune.
  7. White 97 forged GtX28 ep91 build!

    Need some info I've tried looking it up .but can' seem to get a spot on answer. I have 74.5mm wiseco pistons with scat rods and head work done including Billet camshafts 8.8-9.0mm lift and 272 degrees duration im trying to do a compression test and my results are showing 8.1 which is about 125 psi across all cylinders Abit puzzled where I'm going wrong    any help would be highly appreciated 
  8. I come on here everyday. Everyday .beginning to reply myself . Lol
  9. I'm assuming it's dead .
  10. Especially a product like this which is not one but in fact the most wanted and common problem when going big on a starlet . This without doubt would be flying off shelves within no time. And over time I have seen people spending big money on starlets and end up stripping or changing because of a weak gearbox. I just hope this goes through into production and just for a thought I'm from Botswana. I've purchased all my parts from UK and Malta. There are a lot of people who need this and are not aware of this section. Fingers crossed!
  11. I find it ridiculous for this to be gauging interest on only one forum . I believe there would be more then 30 people interested in these if this was put on places like Facebook or any other Toyota starlet forums or so. I'm sure you would get a good response .there are plenty countries which have starlets so why is this gauging interest on one specific forum.
  12. Change in staff

    Just a quick one for the group buy post . There hasn't been any updates even though most have paid ?

    Is there any update on this ? Paid for bms