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  1. I should think not after 18 odd months bud id just ask the wanted section. I may have one but ittle need digging out lol
  2. Welcome along buddy, when you say cant select the section what do you mean
  3. Soz bud had a stack of hot nonsense go on, drop me a pm about it bud
  4. Want this shit gone eh lol. If its about on my payday ill nab it bud
  5. Hi Chops! 

    Extreamley interested in your 5E crank, do you have any pictures of it?  

    If it makes life easier my mobile number is 07540174879 and you could send some over whats app or iMessage? 


  6. Chops

    5E/3E Crank wanted

    Fear not friendo, i have a spare 5e crank in good order!
  7. If your looking for one to forge ive got a dead one ive been using as a template, would have to check how complete it is
  8. May have a set ill check the old parts cave
  9. Saw a tidy looking white gt with something painted on its bonnet this evening while out in the 2, anyone on here?
  10. im heading over from portsmouth way in the green gt with a mate in his mk1 gt, if anyone locals wants to convoy! bit late to plan i know lol
  11. youre in luck bud ive got a 5e crank spare now i have an fhe, been tested and all within stock tolerance still! drop me a pm!
  12. Shit i didnt know you were local! Didnt see any mismatched wheels, sadly i wasnt driving and we whipped past in a hurry
  13. Hey all, i need an original gt spring for my car but all ive been able to find is a glanza original spring, im sure theyre different but if not by much i might fit one to each of the fronts?
  14. U hero, chuck me a text or whatsapp on 07858004780 and well sort it on there bud!
  15. Hey all, my green gt is almost reasy for me to sell but i keep forgetting that one of its shocks and springs doesnt match the rest, which are original. Can someone spare a front shock and spring or two?
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