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  1. Marks starlet sr

    Hi Mark, I'm after a rear bumper for my silver na, would you be interested in selling the one from your spares car?  
  2. Fitting a rev counter

    CD dials are a direct swap, no re-pinning needed.
  3. What's it Worth? Thread

    I had mine with similar mods up for £800, but struggled to sell it, in the end I think it went for £550.
  4. N/A rear bumper in 1ao silver.

    Needs to be in great condition, and ideally in the midlands so I can collect.
  5. Wiring Tachometer

    I don't think you'll need to add a wire. Look in the guide in the tutorials section, there should be some help there.
  6. Wow ep95

    I love these, but they're all auto and have too many doors!
  7. Replacing front Springs.

    Are you using spring compressors?
  8. The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Cheap and easy brake upgrade is to swap the NA caliper carriers for Glanza ones, this allows you to run the larger Glanza discs. Put some decent pads on and that's all you need for an NA. Braided lines are good too.
  9. How to: fit electric mirrors to an N/A

    Great work. 👍
  10. https://m.facebook.com/groups/675488172513802?view=permalink&id=1539379522791325&fs=1
  11. Not spotted by me, but by a mate who sent me a pic. Looked very nice. Aftermarket spoiler and wings, rear lip.
  12. Rear speakers in a sportif

    There should be an unused plug taped into the loom under the drivers side plastic in the boot. This plugs straight into a plug on the parcel shelf from a CD spec UK car which had rear speakers as standard.
  13. Ginge's Sr #2 remix updates !

    +1 for the remix bumper, i've always fancied one. Where / how did you get hold of it?
  14. Where abouts are you?
  15. Insurance

    I know a lot of people say Adrian Flux are expensive but they undercut my renewal from Sky this year by £70.