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  1. fitting glanza number plate surround?

    No, the Glanza boot has cutouts for the reverse lights to sit in.
  2. Looks like it needs minor bodywork, but no reserve.   https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-starlet-glanza/273072450951?hash=item3f9462ed87:g:b4kAAOSw~T9ahUCx
  3. Wanted 5efe block or Complete engine

    Wrong section mate, put a post up in the wanted section in the marketplace.
  4. Driving into Europe

    You'll need to carry spare bulbs, a warning triangle and possibly other bits and pieces for continental driving as a legal requirement.
  5. Ep95 wanted

    There's one at the auctions in Japan that a guy on one of the facebook pages is offering to import.  
  6. Very rare official Toyota repair manuals, printed in Japan (in English) for overseas dealerships.   Repair Manual For Chassis & Body. - Publication number RM486E - First printing December 1995 - Covers clutch, manual transaxle, automatic transaxle, supension and axle, brake, steering, supplemental restraint system, body electrical, body, air conditioning.   Repair Manual Supplement For Chassis & Body. - Publication number RM624E - First printing February 1998 -Covers updates to service specifications, diagnostics, steering, supplemental restraint system, body electrical, body.   Good clean condition. slight damage to corners as seen in photos. Spines have faded. Insides are super clean.   I'm looking for £50 posted (UK) for the pair.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Glanza-S-rare-CRAZY-LOW-MILES/292415715242?hash=item441555b7aa:g:FBQAAOSwFyhZ5wrU
  8. Headlights failed, relay?

    Sorted! It was a broken wire under the fuse box. Cheers for the advice and tips people.
  9. Headlights failed, relay?

    Did you check the switch on the stalk before moving on to checking the wire? Do I need to get the steering wheel off to get the stalk off? 
  10. Headlights failed, relay?

    Cheers Toby. I've put a new relay in and it's made no difference, time to buy myself a multimeter.
  11. Clock Change

    Super late reply, but iirc GLS clocks should be a straight swap into a Sportif, no pin changes needed.
  12. Headlights failed, relay?

    My dipped and main beam failed last night while driving, which was fun. Bulbs and fuses seem ok, so i'm guessing it's the relay, however It was clicking when the stalk was twisted. I've still got all other exterior and interior lights, but no headlight / main beam light on the dash. Am I right thinking it's the relay? Anything else it could be? It's a '96 EP95 Reflet X if that helps. Cheers!
  13. Wow ep95

    I'm bumping this as the asking price has plummeted. Looks like a bargain now. https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/toyota-starlet-very-rare-four-wheel-drive-only-32-000-miles/1275064386
  14. Prime barryboys material that.