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  1. Cluster wiring diagram

    Tgtt is only temporarily down until the domain is renewed. hopefully it's back up soon
  2. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    Nice build socks. how do you find the civic rad for coolant temps? I struggled with mine on track, but like you was also seeing over 120 degrees oil. currently fitting an oil cooler so I'm hoping with 30 degrees or more pulled out of the oil should help the coolant. Also think my coolant was probably slightly too concentrated which would have led to poorer cooling.
  3. Toms 98 Glanza V

    Nice upgrades!  Front end looks perfect now!
  4. Rear brake disks won’t come off

    You can re use the bearings but when you there you might as well replace them. Same bearings as n/a starlet so cheap enough from motorfactors. Think I paid £13 a side for them
  5. Thread size on thermo housing see pics

    I thought this with my defi one, bought a universal one on eBay but it never goes above 25 degrees on the gauge. Defi one must be a different resistance or something 
  6. Td04 Turbo rebuild

    I just bought a new core for my td04. Cheaper than a rebuild and still has years warranty. Just don't buy Chinese crap
  7. Building the Dream

    Good work ryan!
  8. Mine broke about 2 years ago, got a fella I know to come and weld it on the car. Still holding strong.   ask around for a local welder rather than a firm probably be cheaper
  9. Don't forget we only get 97 ron fuel over here which makes a slight difference. i know another fella over here made around 260 at 1.5 bar standard td04
  10. best wiring route for gauges

    My aircon is removed so I went through the big rubber bit the ac pipes used to go through 
  11. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Sounds like fuel cut, your probably only seeing it now with the cold temperatures, cold air is denser so you will make slightly more boost than a hot day etc, possibly just enough for you to hit fuel cut.   you def need a boost gauge in these cars! Keep and eye on things
  12. are you curious if the world will end in 2012 ?

    I love all that stuff most people just call conspiracy theory's. But your right, people just don't want to know. The worst bit is people think your an idiot when your the one who's actually went and looked for information yourself, rather than what is spoon fed to us through the media etc
  13. Fuel Gauge and Low Warning Light

    I always fill up when it hits the bottom quarter so it's never came on.
  14. Fuel Gauge and Low Warning Light

    I've noticed my second last quarter disappears in about 10 miles of normal driving lol
  15. Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit

    Got mine for £55 from Toyota