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  1. In fairness someone coming to your door to pick up parts is going to win over pricing postage/packaging/arranging courier or going to post office etc.
  2. adzy


    Cheers skiny!
  3. adzy

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Good work nangle!
  4. adzy

    Oil blanking bolt size

    I've always been led to believe that 1 bar oil pressure per 1000rpm is safe mine used to sit around 1.5 bar when warm with 5w40 at idle
  5. adzy


    Thanks for feedback mate
  6. adzy

    Td04 oil feed wanted.

    One here, brand new, only test fitted, just under 40cm
  7. adzy

    EP95 Turbo

    I'll second this! Lol
  8. Yes that's the same fitment rad everyone basically uses, it will fit as long as you make or get brackets to fit it. not sure about the lower hose, might need modifying as starlet is on other side. I had mine re welded for perfect fit
  9. adzy

    Radiator cap pressure

    Sounds exact same, no issues on road. Was worried it could be h/g at the time but not showing any symptoms it
  10. adzy

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    I would gladly leave it fully stripped but hopefully going to be doing sprints and hillclimbs so have to have interior fitted for road going class. Just about got the back seats in around the cage
  11. adzy

    Radiator cap pressure

    Sounds similar, mine filling the expansion bottle then the low coolant would start to make it overheat
  12. adzy

    Radiator cap pressure

    What symptoms where you experiencing with civic rad cap? Been having some issues on track lately myself and hope the rad cap will sort it.
  13. adzy

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Yeh better job, I'm not a fan of those dash dodger cages. I managed to keep the glovebox. But next on the list is attempt to make a new roof lining
  14. adzy


    Along way of your gt yet lol
  15. adzy

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Looking good mate! Had to make new doorcards for mine to fit with the cage