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  1. Building the Dream

    Good work mate!
  2. Door Exterior Panels

    No just a case of taking them of as they're just glued on. use a toffee wheel on a drill to remove any stubborn glue residue
  3. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Really improves handling and turn in, less understeer too. just be aware of lift of oversteer, although it can also be used to your advantage 
  4. Clutch TD04

    233 bhp
  5. Clutch TD04

    No issues with standard clutch in mine. td04 @ 1bar
  6. Mine started doing this when cruising, afr's kept creeping up until it would start misfiring. Unplugged the o2 sensor and it ran fine.  Worth trying that and if it sorts it then just replace the sensor

    Yes mate, otherwise it would just flex. youll prob have to the modifications I've mentioned to get the brace to fit, it's the bit that causes the issues.

    I wasn't part of the group buy, but I've had one of these for years but only fitted a few weeks ago. had to modify it slightly, and add washers to engine mount bolt, cut the hex adapter bit down slightly, and change the bend in the brace part as it was way of.
  9. New member from Northern Ireland

    Set of stealths on gumtree atm skiny
  10. Meister coilover noise??

    Could be your track rod ends arent centered. When I got my glanza I had terrible steering lock one way and so much the other way it rubbed.
  11. Walker96 V reg glanza

    Your membership has probably expired. usually catches me out, a notification when it expires would be handy 
  12. New member from Northern Ireland

    Welcome! Also from Northern Ireland 
  13. I used to get 300 miles from full until the last quarter in my old n/a starlet. now in the glanza I get about 160 miles from full to bottom quarter lol
  14. Cluster wiring diagram

    Tgtt is only temporarily down until the domain is renewed. hopefully it's back up soon
  15. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    Nice build socks. how do you find the civic rad for coolant temps? I struggled with mine on track, but like you was also seeing over 120 degrees oil. currently fitting an oil cooler so I'm hoping with 30 degrees or more pulled out of the oil should help the coolant. Also think my coolant was probably slightly too concentrated which would have led to poorer cooling.