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  1. Small update slowly coming together , note to self headlings are a nightmare to refit  Rear light wiring loom reffited along with the majority of rear plastics 
  2. Finally get to bolt it back together now that the interior is painted 
  3. I understand what your saying time will tell , my theorie is the clamping force of sandwiching the disc between the hub and wheel face will add to the strength , well here is hoping  Lol the problem there is usually barriers between them hills 
  4. My mates made custom rear hubs to fit pitbike rear discs too 
  5. Finally got my safety devices rear cage fitted  Wasn't the best fitting cage I've had which was disappointing to say the least. However I got there in the end , now time to strip rest of soundeadining and get floor painted 
  6. Cheers I will upload more pics once I have progressed with them further. Could be a bit of trial and error unfortunately not a very cheap alternative but mega light  
  7. Cheers  I probably could , but not sure what price and wouldn't machine out holes between wheel studs until I have trailed them for a while .  
  8. Lightweight rear disc Custom machined front discs
  9. Well while I finish the wiring I have stripped the interior , dash , heater ect out of new shell . To keep as I remove all sound deadining and weld in cage mounts. I will be swapping in my complete reduced wiring loom once this has been done and painted. Not much pics of recent progress so here is some of custom brakes I am using. All machine work is done by a friend and will be using kad mini rear calipers with pitbike rear discs. Front are original discs machined for weight and will have custom mounts for wilwood caliper. Should save 6kg from original front brake setup and closer to 10kg from rear setup   Rear hub which uses starlet bearings and fits original rear axle Classic mini rear kad calipers with handbrake
  10. Cheers I hope so Unfortunately I have to keep all seats door cards and glass . The only thing inside I can lose is carpet . I have also added 30kg with the cage which doesn't help. But thankfully most of the competitors cars are over 900kg
  11. The last 4/5 nights have been busy thinning out the original wiring loom to the bare essentials.  Which has meant removal of all abs , airbag , electric mirrors , radio , reverse lights , rear wiper wiring ect. The multiplugs have all been unpinned as I couldn't live with pins being unused lol. This is all in aid of trying to keep the car as light as possible within our rules.  My Target of 800kg should be doable ! I hope
  12. This is the 3rd reincarnation of this build , to cut along story short . I stared building an ep82 into a hillclimb car then decided they were getting rare and harder to source parts (as I like a barrier or 2). So bought a black ep91 which came with a quaife lsd box , paddle clutch and lightened flywheel along with bc coilovers. I stripped the shell bare to prep it as I'm fussy which is when this latest shell came up all fully painted at a price I couldn't resist ! Needless to say I have a few spares !!!! Engine currently looks like this waiting for its new home Then this is some pics of the first car I started prepping  Then how the current shell looks waiting for it's rear cage to be fitted , which is partly mocked up
  13.   Sorry trying to get the hang of this