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  1. After getting it home again I realised I had a big boost leak with engine movement causing my only wiggens clamp to leak. Using a smoke machine when i flexed intercooler showed up the leak .Should of done away with it the same time as the others , but atleast i should have no excuses for next race. The one time I'm happy to find a leak I then set about replacing my spring rates from the original 6kg front and 4kg rear . There much harder all round now that's for sure Decided to send my me221 ecu back to get a small issue with clutch switch sorted as I'm wanting to use it for full throttle gear changes . Then to top things off as I was checking over diff I found there was too much lift (not enough preload) after swaping casings . So decided to strip box down again and reshim properly. Which involved a lot of trial builds to work out the shim required from Toyota. But now reassembled with the correct shim . I found this very useful for the shim sizes . http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/an-insight-into-differential-shims-and-carrie The biggest problem with mine was the casings I used had previously had an aftermarket lsd fitted and they had made there own diy shim for the bellhousing side. After some research I discovered Toyota sell only 2 shim choices for this side. 1.90mm or 2.10mm . The diy one that was in mine was only 1.35mm hence all the movement. Being cautious I decided to reshim the transmission side which is the one you should reshim with the above sizes ranging from 2.00mm to 3.00mm after ordering the correct size J shim it is now rebuilt and a lesson not to presume the original shims would be ok!! I used shimming metal with old shim to work out the correct one to order which involved a lot of building then stripping etc So currently car has half fitted suspension , no gearbox or ecu fitted and a race next weekend
  2. After this I was all set for it's first outing at Alford Sprint which is a small figure of 8 sprint local to myself . Maybe not the most challenging but the more seat time the better. There was a good entry in our class consisting of 11 mainly all clios . The morning started well being dry I used it to get a feel for the car and there wasn't any heroics . Car felt well but was clearly obvious the suspension was too soft causing wheel spin even with quaife diff. Due to the inside wheel lifting around the hairpins at each end. The brakes etc felt great and initial turn in was promising. As the day went on I gradually pushed more feeling more comfortable. Ending up 5th of the 11 entered which I was happy with for it's first outing . Coming away with a few issues to attend before the next event Lifting a wheel through the central crossover
  3. Cheers hope so Thought it about time I updated considering I've competed in my first race with it After rebuilding the gearbox I decided the rear mounting needed modding to stop any chance of this happening again. So got my mate to water jet out a plate to pick up on bellhousing bolts that are unused Also converted the rear casing to studs After getting it back together sent car for some stickers to go with my Auldmans race car . Not to everyone's taste but it's different
  4. Mike84

    TF035 4cm² vs 6cm²

    I am currently running a ct12 hybrid but am thinking a tf035 would be better suited . I'm very interested in the difference in spool between the 4cm and 6cm? As I'm looking for a turbo sized for 230-240bhp for a sprint hillclimb car.
  5. Mike84

    Gary Glanza

    Nice ! Hopefully see you at some sprints with mine What's your plans with it , is it pretty standard just now?
  6. Well that didn't go according to plan with just 2 weeks till my first race While adjusting front suspension noticed something dripping. Which turned out to be gear oil from gearbox casing. Turns out the rear gearbox mount parted way with gearbox in turn cracking casing !! So currently car has gearbox stripped ready to transfer into spare casings . Sent spare gearbox casings away and had them blasted in prep for rebuild. I will also be adding extra bracing to stop this happening again
  7. Loving this build ! Very interested to see what it makes with TD hybrid ct9. As I'm tempted with one as currently running a ct12 hybrid see how this compares
  8. Instead of sorting out the suspension before my first race I've been adding stickers As the Scottish hillclimb / sprint class I'm entering is known as the clio class as there's so many of them lol. I decided to add this sticker for banter
  9. I agree with both of you , this will involve a bit of trial and error mainly the discs . The main reason for developing rear brakes were for the weight saving over standard. We have adapted a set of these brakes on my Auldmans race clio 172 which have been used the last 3 years with no issues. However he does use different discs to these. I think using them as a daily road car wouldn't be ideal , but for my needs and minimal mileage should work . I hope
  10. I'm not sure about selling them as kits need to do testing first I'm affraid
  11. Custom hubs using starlet oe wheel bearings , calipers have built in handbrake mech as car needs to be road legal Should save about 10kg overall
  12. I've a friend helping to make custom rear brakes using Kad mini light weight calipers
  13. Cheers Was hoping for more but don't we all ! Main thing is how quickly it comes on boost
  14. Yes I got it sorted out and working with the cop I used Matty at MB motorsport ellon who I recommend