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  1. Can anyone help why my pictures have all disappeared??? 
  2. Small progress this week as was on holiday happy days  Anyhow  Intercooler mounted properly and 99% of intercooler pipes mocked up for welding with obx racing wiggens style clamps . Intercooler is rubber mounted so hopefully there's enough movement with the clamps. I've tried to keep intercooler pipe work as short as possible , which involved trimming the slam panel and re-drilling intercooler . Not 100% happy with sizing of pipe work into cooler but hopefully doesnt affect it too much. Mounted fuel pressure regulator and ordered rest of fuel fittings and socketless hose. Also mounted fuel pressure sensor as well. List slowly getting smaller!!!
  3.   Well some picture let the picture whoring begin  That's it back where it belongs , feels like a milestone has been reached . The works office looks empty now !! Engine trolley worked to an extent needs a few tweaks to work better but in the whole worked very well              
  4. Patches V - Link G4+ Standalone

    Hope you get to the bottom of the issues Great build 
  5. Maddox710 second glanza

    Looks really clean  You must have bought better gold reflective tape than me as mine doesn't stick worth a crap . keep up the work 
  6. Almost D-day for engine refit  Getting there definitely engine in this week  So proceeded to buy a battery box for new battery then chop it up to meet my needs  This will bolt into place of original battery tray that was removed previously.   I also found time to refresh old steering rack with a lick of paint and renew rack ends / trackrod ends . Along with blanking off power steering pipe work While rack was off I swapped out fuel and brake lines with my other set , while also removing complete evap setup . So this week seems to be the week for engine fitment fingers crossed Last of all here is a pic of it's stable mates and also one of my main competitors being my auldmans highly modded phase 1 clio 172.  Having driven this a few seasons myself I know what I'm up against  Hopefully next update will be engine in the hole
  7. Cheers Bro  Engine in this week I hope but been saying that since February 
  8. Yeah that's the exact one I bought I'm sure it took just over a week to arrive but much cheapness  It is approx 1kg lighter than stock and still has the rubber for harmonic dampening so won't cause any issues buy it up 
  9. I bought these as well to fit original terminals need to machine them smaller for jap battery terminals .
  10. I discussed it with the battery supplier and we both reckoned this was enough. However he did  assure me that he would take it back if it wasn't fit for purpose so time will tell ?
  11. Lithium ion battery I'm using is 190cca And measures a miniscule 150mm long and 87mm wide
  12. Small odds and sods done this week in prep for engine installation.  Which included fitting up all vacuum lines and sorting out other fittings . Seems to be taking forever but engine should be in this week  Meanwhile removed original battery tray as this needs removed for intercooler pipe clearance . I will be welding a small plate on top to bring strength back to mount. Also will be running a small race battery which weighs only 1kg
  13. I've still my passenger side to make , also agreed seating position is very hi I find