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  1. I'm not sure about selling them as kits need to do testing first I'm affraid
  2. Custom hubs using starlet oe wheel bearings , calipers have built in handbrake mech as car needs to be road legal Should save about 10kg overall
  3. I've a friend helping to make custom rear brakes using Kad mini light weight calipers 
  4. Cheers  Was hoping for more but don't we all ! Main thing is how quickly it comes on boost 
  5. Yes I got it sorted out and working with the cop  I used Matty at MB motorsport ellon who I recommend 
  6. Long over due update !! Well to cut along story short it's now running coil on plug and is mapped at 1 bar of boost and making full boost by 3000rpm  I've covered 500 miles now that it's on the road just suspension to tweak before first race 206bhp   
  7. I know but for the intended use and length of tracks coupled with minimal rear braking , I'm hoping the lack of surface area shouldn't be a problem 
  8. Cheers  I'm well chuffed to get it running Anyway last week or so the ecu was sent back to motorsport electronics to check the issues with the ign drivers for COP conversion. I've been informed it was a simple firmware issue and should be back sorted for COP  While ecu was away decided to sort a few other items to get finished off. Mainly the brakes which consisted of fitting my custom mounting brackets and custom machined front discs along with bling purple braided hoses . Which took longer than I thought to fit as had to order high tensile bolts for calipers and mounts. Then due to my custom rear brakes not being quite finished decided to rock the original rear setup for this year as time constraints and money . So decided to drill rear discs to lose a bit of rotating mass every little helps. Before During After Lost almost 1/2kg each side Finally due to my class rules had to modify front strut top mounts to remove sepherical bearings. Which consisted of getting nylon bushes machined and fitted. Before After
  9. I have no idea why other pics have disappeared.  But anyway there has been lots of progress even with the lack of updates.  The car now starts and runs  I replaced all the front fuel lines with aero fittings and socketless hose . Just before the first start up I downloaded a base map and set iso output settings after much advice from Matt at Motorsport Electronics .  So nervously tried starting using the ign key I primed the pump a few times watch fuel pressure gauge slowly climbing. Then pop the return rubber pipe at the fuel tank burst!!!  Bugger the only pipe I never replaced out of the lot , should have known better. Anyway after repairing that I still had teething issues mainly the cop not wanting to spark. After more help from Matt very helpfully decided to try distributor back in and magically it ran 
  10. Can anyone help why my pictures have all disappeared??? 
  11. Small progress this week as was on holiday happy days  Anyhow  Intercooler mounted properly and 99% of intercooler pipes mocked up for welding with obx racing wiggens style clamps . Intercooler is rubber mounted so hopefully there's enough movement with the clamps. I've tried to keep intercooler pipe work as short as possible , which involved trimming the slam panel and re-drilling intercooler . Not 100% happy with sizing of pipe work into cooler but hopefully doesnt affect it too much. Mounted fuel pressure regulator and ordered rest of fuel fittings and socketless hose. Also mounted fuel pressure sensor as well. List slowly getting smaller!!!
  12.   Well some picture let the picture whoring begin  That's it back where it belongs , feels like a milestone has been reached . The works office looks empty now !! Engine trolley worked to an extent needs a few tweaks to work better but in the whole worked very well