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  1. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    Ordered a Stage 3 CC with braided clutch line and OE release bearing 
  2. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    Yeah that’s the thing, I was looking at Competition clutch and then saw that a lot of people have had problems and I want to go get my car mapped so I don’t want any issues 
  3. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    Trying to decide on a clutch so I can go get the car mapped but can’t decide which would be the best to go for 
  4. We’re staying at the Novotel in Milton Keynes, be good to meet a few people 
  5. Booked my tickets ages ago and booked hotel too, excited to be on the club stand this year 
  6. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    My walbro 255 packed in the other day and left me stranded so i had to put the original back in. Just ordered a Kemso 340 to try out and see if its any good as there isn't many reviews and its only £30
  7. Braced ct9 decat

    I've got a jperformance decat, pm me if you're interested 
  8. Lean on boost

    Okay cheers I’ll try that later, I took off the FPR and fuelling was much better
  9. Lean on boost

    I didn’t really go through the Rev range too much, bit worried about it being too lean, I’ll have another drive tomorrow with the stock regulator and it’s an AEM wideband 
  10. Lean on boost

    Okay so if I fit the stock fpr on again, I was seeing 13.5 afr ok boost in 3rd, isn’t that still too lean?
  11. Lean on boost

    I set it at stock pressure and it was lean so I tried it at 3 bar and it was richer at idle but still lean as soon as any boost was present 
  12. Lean on boost

    I’m seeing it in every gear at high and low revs
  13. Lean on boost

    Like 15 - 16, just bought a map sensor to see if that’s the problem and it’s on stock ecu with a 0.4 bar spring 
  14. Lean on boost

    Like 15 - 16, just bought a map sensor to see if that’s the problem