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  1. Injectors and fpr

    I plan on getting my car mapped with emanage ultimate with td04 at 1 bar but not sure what injectors to get and if I need a fpr because I don’t want to run the standard injectors at their limit 
  2. Swapping EMB for EMU

    The EMU uses a different harness 
  3. MOT with TD04

    I wonder if you could say that is has a gt engine because I know they don’t have to have CATs
  4. MOT with TD04

    I need a friendly really but not sue where to find one because I don’t want to cut my exhaust up
  5. MOT with TD04

    How do you get an MOT with a TD04, will I have to chop my exhaust up for a CAT or is there a better way
  6. best wiring route for gauges

    ta boys ill have a look when i get around to getting them in
  7. as title, needing a harness
  8. What is the cleanest route to take sensor wiring to a sandwich plate?
  9. Official dyno sheet thread

    stock engine + turbo (ct9b) wear mani jperformance decat japspeed exhaust  HDI front mount  meshed turbo blitz boost controller  magnecore ht leads 11 psi 0.75 bar 159.5bhp 140 lb-ft Dynod at tuning lab - North Devon
  10. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    Just re-done the door cards and made a gear gaitor, probs not to everyone’s taste but I like it  
  11. ABS Delete Pictures or guide

    I am in need of this info if anyone could be kind enough 
  12. I bought a blitz active clutch for a good price (I think) and on the pressure plate, some on the fingers have a bit missing off the end of them. Is there any way of replacing them and if not is there another pressure plate that would work with this clutch. And what can I do if the actual clutch material is low? can it have new material put on or can I put a different clutch in it? any info appreciated I'm not too clued up with clutches. TIA 
  13. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    Whats the company called? Id rather go to Plymouth that all the way up north
  14. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    I think Im going to go to TD because the closest one to me is Tuning Lab and they said I have to take my own laptop and I cant do that so Ill have to go somewhere that has all the gear