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  1. Neversimple

    Wanted Glanza Front Grill Badge

    Hi as you can see I am in need of a Glanza Front Grill Badge has anyone got an idea where I can get 1? I have looked online and no luck so far and cant phone breakers till I am back so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.
  2. Neversimple

    In Need Of A Few Things

    I have some interior Plastics coming out of mine next week all in Grey some are worthless will PM you next week when I get them out with pics
  3. Neversimple

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    oooh Snetteton in the Japanese class sprints is tempting I am in England too
  4. Neversimple

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    Last time I looked earlier this season it was £400 per round not including tyres which are set by the series. That’s for clubman I think it depends which part of the competition range you enter in to or your car gets entered into its why I am trying to minimise engine upgrades at the moment. Will take a look at javelin sprints. That cavalier looks mint I am sure I have seen that somewhere which is likely I was doing courier work down your neck of the woods a few years ago.
  5. Neversimple

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    Well good luck what ever way you plan to go and as its a hell of a first car if I was in your situation I would not be tracking it. Also given the car the age and the way you managed to buy it I would try to keep it as a life time car. Sorry to hear about your Gran. One day we will have to meet up your not a million miles away from me Jay85 and Jellybaby. Are you planning on going to JAE? I am aiming for a few races in clubman at time attack next year which is why I asked and I saw the sticker. I have heard its slightly more sensible than some motorsports with less contact.
  6. Neversimple

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    I also meant to ask are you going to use it for time attack?
  7. Neversimple

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    Lol yep it’s a bit different. I got loads of bits for mine but lack the time to fit them sitting on almost £1000 of parts at the moment ready to fit but really I would kick myself if I spent thousands more on suspension and breaks and seats then the gear box or clutch went on the first time out on track so I am going to see what comes loose on the 28th and build from there. Looks like you have some great help there from your dad as well which is a big bonus Jelly baby on here is helping me out loads. any technical starlet specific queries don’t hesitate to ask on here there are some really clever people that really know there stuff.
  8. Neversimple

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    Nice car and good work so far how long have you had it? Puts mine to shame 10 months of ownership late that’s a great clean up you have given it!
  9. Lol I coming after 4 weeks stone cold sober 2 shandy's and I will need to stay away from the trade displays and discounts section
  10. Is it a better Idea to bring your own beer for the camp site guessing you cant take it in with you.
  11. Hmmmm Work in progress my end mate yours is a supermodel compared to mine hence the shopping list
  12. Neversimple

    Jellybabyj v dash back out to tidy up

    Great news great job and much cleaner, I didn’t know where to start when you showed me
  13. I said its a maybe well its a lot more likely now! Does anyone there sell tents? And when they mention Discounts from trade sellers are they any good, I have a very long list of stuff to get should I wait
  14. Neversimple

    Driver & Passenger Seat Belt Buckles

    Will be replacing my seats in Late August Early September if you still need them then