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  1. Ok last time I was in England I was lucky to remember to MOT the car she failed her first go emissions and a squinty headlight thanks to jelly baby and his MOT knowledge he got me through. If you need a reference that relates to imports and all sorts ask JB he saved emoji.
  2. Yep wired switch will do it you can have it on the roof if you want to my knowledge
  3. I really miss her the audi just is not up the Job
  4. Thanks skiny doesn’t look quite so clean up close I think a wrap or paint job this year maybe on the cards I am reluctant though I am used to the yellow! Never known her any different. shes had a tough winter in sand and snow too it was not the intention but not missed a beat
  5. Well not really a progress update as nothing has changed on the car but importantly. I have now got a new daily for Holland so Emoji is coming home for some much needed TLC. Service time and a little maintenance and prep for the season ahead no one likes cold metal in winter. Brakes have been a right pain can’t get them hot enough here it’s freezing always and Dutch motorways are not fun because of drainage! But let the fun begin!! work looks promising too so hopefully I can build a solid lil glanza track car seriously contemplating wrapping it soon!
  6. Lol I am the danger I keep forgetting when I wake up where I am
  7. I did not see this in real life but a mechanic I know does the maintenance on it sent me these yesterday. obviously this GT is better looked after than my glanza
  8. Turns out Nurburgring is closed due to snow but met dutch Toyota club people looking forward to some fun the track build has completely stalled. Moving house is breaking the bank no roll cage gear box in jelly babies garage LSD there too
  9. Well lots happened, the car is now a mini transit van. I sold the bmw so emoji became my daily still doing me proud on my third trip to Holland since November will get her back before brexit. if I get the chance going to get her on track at Nurburgring as only 3 hours from where I live I will be sensible and I will take the luggage out. nearly done toiletries and laptop to add
  10. She beat the shit out of me getting her to Holland but can you see her here. not all the roads are that nice
  11. Massive update especially for Skinny courtesy of some line marking paint with photos.
  12. Right so brake squeak is gone just needed to give her a rest and drive through a big puddle haha Found yellow line marking paint in the shed that sorts the grill out. Added to the list learn how to drive again
  13. Thanks Skinny she does look good the grill will happen just absolutely bonkers busy right now On the List Brake squeak rear right Peel numbers off Gearbox Sourced time constraints planning around now Sun Visor (Black) Grill Yellow
  14. I have been manically busy. Today I got Emoji on a track in my first ever sprint and the first time pushing the car on this set up. So First Thank you to Jay-C for organising the parts for me from his old track Glanza lots in the for sale section. Second thank you to JellyBaby for getting them all fitted for me and all the other bits from my shed and much more stuff. I will say this as its a visual thing, a lot of people liked the wings today, they really liked them. They Really stand out. I hope that helps out in the future as a few Starlet owners were at Snetterton in the Japanese Sprint Series everyone loves carbon fiber they probably thought they were wasted on me but I got them as an impulse buy second hand. Thankyou to HedgeyGedgey for Suggesting sprint Series to me It was a good crack. Not the best conditions. Thanks to the sprint series today and the participants who put up with me a complete novice. Emoji did well and was planted. I did 2 Sighting Laps, 1 Practice Lap, 4 timed laps, (2 timed dry laps, 2 timed wet laps). I left the suspension the road set up so much going on trying to learn what was going on in general, I completely forgot to adjust her. So the Meister CRD did well and an hours drive home after a track day was not as bad as it was before with the new seats and ride quality. I did not have the stones to really test the brakes but felt I was over braking significantly on the way into corners as had to accelerate again after the approach (I almost stopped on one or 2 corners). Those WMS Brakes really worked well. So Kim I know I did not buy them off you in the end, they really did perform so I know I will keep coming back (I just need to learn how to use them). Just driver issues again not having any driving for the 5 weeks and a very small amount of local driving did not help, but the test was successful. I just need to learn the car. Preparation is Key for the driver and the car, I know this but real life first and its been a hectic week. So I spun like a top off the line 2nd dropped a bollock in the 6 speed box that came with the car so could not shift into 2nd at high revs. Looking at new or reliable 2nd hand 5 speed not sure when due to budget and brexit. I stopped trying and started in 2nd which worked better. I spun it on a bend in the drying wet when I lost only 16 seconds on my previous lap, with a stall 2 point turn to get back facing the right way, so if I hadn't spun I would have improved my times again I am sure. For those that haven't done a track day I still recommend it. I need more track time that's a definite and Snetterton is difficult to learn in 7 laps do not underestimate it, next car investments are me related I need track time a woolly hat and some better gloves for driving.
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