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  1. Glanza Adjustable Panhard Rod

    Sorted, thanks  
  2. Glanza Adjustable Panhard Rod

    Anyone got an adjustable Panhard Rod for sale?   Thanks 
  3. Genuine 98 Spec front lip

  4. Genuine 98 Spec front lip

    Looking for a genuine 98 spec front lip if anyone is willing to sell me one?    Thanks 
  5. New member

    Hello welcome along to UKSo Check out the breakers section, you might find what you are looking for there 
  6. New Member EP91

    Welcome along to UKSO, nice Glanza 
  7. New Member from Northern Ireland

    Welcome along to UKSO. Im from just outside Armagh    Yup my Glanza has visited his garage many years ago 
  8. Thermostat Housing 4EFTE

    awesome, let me know 
  9. Thermostat Housing 4EFTE

    Looking for a thermostat housing for 4EFTE, anybody got one?    Thanks  Armand 
  10. New RWD starlet member

    Welcome to UKSO  That sounds great, get a build thread up. I love KP61's 
  11. **SOLD** Road Runner braced Decat

    SOLD to 'batbo'   Thanks 
  12. dogbox

    Wow nice! 
  13. New member looking advice :)

    Welcome to UKSO  Another Irish Starleteer  Best bet looking at the for sale or breakers section for bumpers etc.  Look at some of the build threads for some inspiration.
  14. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Yess and maybe we can see each others cars 
  15. Hi from Northern Ireland

    Welcome along to UKSO  Im Co. Armagh