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  1. New RWD starlet member

    Welcome to UKSO  That sounds great, get a build thread up. I love KP61's 
  2. **SOLD** Road Runner braced Decat

    SOLD to 'batbo'   Thanks 
  3. dogbox

    Wow nice! 
  4. New member looking advice :)

    Welcome to UKSO  Another Irish Starleteer  Best bet looking at the for sale or breakers section for bumpers etc.  Look at some of the build threads for some inspiration.
  5. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Yess and maybe we can see each others cars 
  6. Hi from Northern Ireland

    Welcome along to UKSO  Im Co. Armagh   
  7. Anymore news on these? 
  8. Optional front lip

    You can buy fiberglass ones online, but if you want a genuine plastic one you will have to search in the for sale or breakers section.     
  9. New to this forum

    Welcome to UKSO 
  10. New member soon to be a Glanza owner

    Welcome to UKSO 
  11. Sunroof

    Hello and Welcome to UKSO. Its down to personal choice, if i was to buy one again it would be one with a sunroof 
  12. **SOLD** Road Runner braced Decat

    Ill try changing it when I get onto a PC buddy 👍 Thanks
  13. Item For Sale: RoadRunner braced Decat Item Condition & Description:Used but in good condition with no cracks Price:£90 posted in the UK Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal and Sent via Royal Mail