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  1. High idle,

    The page on TGTT can't be found.
  2. Valve guide removal tool

    I shall be keeping an eye on this thread for suggestions, going to replacing the ones in the Silvia at some stage
  3. Oil filter relocation

    That’s the setup I’m running. It’s a small K&N filter the BIL gave me from his v8 when he switched to trumpets. Works a treat. 
  4. My Red Glanza

    Yeh 3e5 is the code
  5. My Red Glanza

    I can get you the paint code when I get in if you need it? It’s a cellulose paint, final top was 90% high gloss thinner flatted with 2000 and then cellulose lacquer
  6. My Red Glanza

    Car colour or rocker cover?
  7. My Red Glanza

    I can’t remember where I got them now. The drop links are starlet specific but the bushes are universal. Use the part number on the packet and you’ll be able to get them. 
  8. My Red Glanza

    Solid shifter bushes.    K&N filter fitted.    Custom catch can parts and final product.    Modified rocker cover.  Did some heat wrapping New clutch   Various bushes.  Various fuelling parts Harness bar Resprayed the rear bumper and JAM splitter. Had some filling to do where I had cracked the splitter. For an electrician I don’t think it’s a bad job
  9. My Red Glanza

    Wow five years since I updated this. Fair amount of work has been done now. Old Exedy clutch shat itself in October a couple of weeks before I headed to the Lake District so unfortunately that trip wasn’t quite as fun to drive. The Walbro fuel pump was making a horrible noise so I’ve replaced that with a Quantum 340lph universal pump. These things are far better than Walbro. So much so I have a perfectly working Walbro in my Silvia but that junk is being replaced too. I’ve also got overnight parts from Japan in the form of a Sard pressure regulator, these things are really compact and well worth the cash.    The rocker cover finally had a had a Male over with AN10 fittings welded on (not by me as my aluminium welding dreadful at best) and a lick of Team Burst inspired paint.    I’ve finally sorted the mesh that was on the turbo and fitted a K&N filter in the bumper.    Also the past past few months I’ve been going through replacing all the old bushes. Drop links are now polybushed with SuperPro universal one, all three engine mounts were dead they’ve been changed to Powerflex black series, and I am now working through the rest of the car.    I can confirm the Tegiwa harness bar does fit, I’ve created a how to thread on the work involved including full spec for the extra parts needed.    I’ve also machines up some solid shifter bushes. If anyone would like the spec on these I can upload that too.    The following post will be picture heavy. 
  10. Air filter

    I was running mesh on my TD04, just swapped to a K and N small filter and the turbo spools much faster and harder now. I relocated it to above my front mount in the bumper. I'll see if I can get the K and N part number from the BIL.
  11. Tegiwa harness bar fitting.

  12. Tegiwa harness bar fitting.

    The machining took me the longest to be honest, I had to measure the b pillar spacers and the struts and then remake one of the strut spacers because they use different size threads. Making them both the same is just too logical it would seem. Once I had all the parts it’s pretty quick. I’d recommend two people though as it’s awkward to bolt together on your own. 
  13. Tegiwa harness bar fitting.

  14. Tegiwa harness bar fitting.

    I can’t seem to find how to add photos on mobile unfortunately so I hope you get the idea
  15. Tegiwa harness bar fitting.