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  1. Tuning Starlet TD04

    I'm running a td04 at .85 bar on stock injectors and stock ecu. I have an adjustable fuel pressure reg and a Quantum 340lph pump. Been running with no issues for about 6 years. 
  2. Indiglo dials

    Could be a loose wire somewhere. i'd go through and solder the wires in if they aren't already. Failing that could be a faulty driver. Wouldn't mind knowing where to get a spare as I'm also running indiglo dials.
  3. Agreed. I'd be interested but it depends on what parts are being produced and what the price will be.
  4. What sort of price would a set of syncros be at? Would they be replacing all the syncros or just third gear as I had seen a lot of discussion around third?
  5. Gearbox mounts

    I've just fitted a Powerflex black series rear gearbox mount and I can't fault it. It rattles a bit on acceleration but i can't really notice anything other than a slight gearbox whine on the motorway. Going to be replacing the other two this weekend with black series. Engine seems to run considerably better now it doesn't jump around as much.
  6. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Not so sure it's fuel cut. Fuel cut tends to be pretty aggressive. As others have said take a look for the engine management light when it next happens.
  7. Injectors and fpr

    Personally I'd replace the fuel pressure regulator anyway as I would imagine it's as old as the car. As to injectors I couldn't really say.
  8. Ringlands dead?

    Yeh the a bar of boost kills 4efte's rumour isn't a rumour.
  9. Weird idle issue?

    I'd clean the butterfly valve (next on my to do list) failing that give the idle control valve a clean. I did mine and it settled back down though I think i damaged the thin metal gasket type bit inside as mine started playing up again. I tend t o just adjust the idle screw and it settles back down again, though I tend to like mine to idle between 1000-1200,
  10. FMIC mounting

    I would think most of them would do. My Blitz FMIC fitted my ep91 with A/C only stripped it out a couple of years ago when I realised one of the hoses had split 
  11. Glanza Backboxes

    Personally I'd get a full system, by the time you've got a back box made to fit you might as well just replace the old 20+ year old system with a stainless one. The car will breathe better and it'll sound nicer.
  12. bad juddering when pulling away

    I'm inclined to go with 5E Colin, my 6 puck judders so I'd imagine it'll be a combination of aggressive clutch and an engine mount.
  13. LSD Gearbox Cruching Going Into 3rd

    Third has crunched since I got the car 7 years ago, is the Redline MT90 the shockproof stuff? I had fifth go on me and there was absolutely no warning on it just all of a sudden came out of gear.
  14. Plugs are black - faulty lamda

    Mine runs fine without a lambda and its not been in there since I fitted the TD04, numbers are a bit sloppy on idle but on boost it runs fine but rather rich. PLugs look absolutely fine and I'd rather run rich than lean personally. From what I read the lambda is only really noted on idle, after that the map sensor takes over.
  15. emissions spike

    If you're still running the original and I would assume it is judging by it being the stock one I'd suggest changing the fuel pressure regulator. Failing that I'd take a look at the injectors.