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  1. Injector fitment

    Nice one just what I was after. Can’t afford to go down the tuning route with them just yet but that’s the next piece of the puzzle that I can think is causing my fuelling issues. 
  2. Injector fitment

    Just wondered if the pink STi 565cc and blue WRX 565cc injectors fit and work on EP91 Glanza and if I require anything else to fit them. Thanks 
  3. Glanza mid spoiler

    Looking at a carbon mid spoiler. Found carbon goodies sell them, any know if they’re still trading, tried phoning to see how these fitted whether they bolt or bond but no answer. 
  4. Tial mv s wastegate spring

    You’ve probably got this sorted now but if not what pressure did you order for? I got one years ago and specified 0.8 bar. I had a larger and a smaller spring. With them both together it’s 0.8 bar the larger one is 0.5 and the smaller 0.3. I run the 0.5 and hold the wastegate off with an ebc 
  5. Random moments of running a AFR of over 16

    It’s a brand new sensor. I wasn’t running one at all for ages and it started doing it recently so I fitted a new one
  6. Random moments of running a AFR of over 16

    Mine seems to do it whatever the weather but not constantly and not at a specific point. I could fire it up now and it will run fine. Do the same tomorrow and it’ll be running as lean as the gauge will go
  7. Random moments of running a AFR of over 16

    I don’t believe the AEM ones can be calibrated or need to be. Plus it works fine the majority of the time. 
  8. Random moments of running a AFR of over 16

    I’m not too worried about it being about 15 but when it’s going round to 16 and 17, and even off the scale lean with the same fuel pressure then there’s some form of issue. Any suggestion on what?
  9. As above: I get readings of over 16 at idle. I've just fitted a new Sard fpr and set it up and on boost I'm seeing around 11. I've got a brand new Quantum 340 lph pump in there as well as the Walbro gave up the ghost. Any suggestions of anything to check/replace before I go down the route of injectors. The problem only seems to happen on idle, and not constantly. Once I'm driving the problem clears slowly and the AFR goes back to normal.
  10. High idle,

    The page on TGTT can't be found.
  11. Valve guide removal tool

    I shall be keeping an eye on this thread for suggestions, going to replacing the ones in the Silvia at some stage
  12. Oil filter relocation

    That’s the setup I’m running. It’s a small K&N filter the BIL gave me from his v8 when he switched to trumpets. Works a treat. 
  13. My Red Glanza

    Yeh 3e5 is the code
  14. My Red Glanza

    I can get you the paint code when I get in if you need it? It’s a cellulose paint, final top was 90% high gloss thinner flatted with 2000 and then cellulose lacquer
  15. My Red Glanza

    Car colour or rocker cover?