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  1. WANTED:- EP82 Roll Cage

    Still looking
  2. WANTED:- EP82 Roll Cage

    Not got a sunroof man Thanks anyway
  3. WANTED:- EP82 Roll Cage

  4. WANTED:- EP82 Roll Cage

    Still looking
  5. WANTED:- EP82 Roll Cage

  6. Ep82 sideskirts

    Got some livesport reps will need some repair work
  7. WANTED:- EP82 Roll Cage

  8. Power to Manual Window Conversion

    Is there any difference in weight?
  9. WANTED:- EP82 Roll Cage

    I'm after a roll cage for my gt Let me know what you have
  10. JDMCombe - 2017

    Cheers Marc 👍🏼I love the new look of the teg with the wing and skirts
  11. JDMCombe - 2017

    Thanks man
  12. Any more progress on these?
  13. JDMCombe - 2017

    Mines the white gt
  14. From last fridays track day at Combe
  15. Depends what you want to do with the car All I use my gt for now is track and I don't feel like I need more power, just abit more chassis adjustment and il be happy