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  1. JDMfreak

    Membership renewal

    Been trying to renew my own won't let me pay for it
  2. JDMfreak

    Back again!

    Yeah not Laguna as there chopped in middle looks really tidy and fits really well
  3. JDMfreak

    Back again!

    That's a tidy glanza what front lip is that Laguna
  4. JDMfreak

    lowering springs

    As far as I know there's no difference I've had all sorts of lowering springs some cheap some more dear different springs depending on there drop act different ways if you just want a small drop 30mm would suit if you want to go lower 40mm I'd suggest some upgraded shocks I've 40mm springs on standard shocks and there horrid I've ordered new kyb gas shocks instead All depends on budget and what you want from the suspension if you plan on a few strip runs get a good set of springs and decent shocks
  5. JDMfreak

    Detailed Glanza

    One glossy glanza v top work
  6. JDMfreak

    Toyota starlet glanza

    Welcome along to ukso you will need to purchase a club membership in order to use the classifieds section
  7. How can i get glanza s clocks to work on my starlet xli 


    Regards fin 

    Cavan ireland

  8. JDMfreak

    valve keeper tool and stem seal remover

    Use photobucket to upload the pic and copy the image code
  9. JDMfreak

    Front indicators

    Put the fuse box back you need to just cross the pins on ac pressure switch located behind passneger headlight if you have removed the aircon
  10. JDMfreak

    Starlet n/a '98 (from Sweden) // Update!

    Where did you get the spotlights if you dont mind me asking i could do with a set
  11. JDMfreak

    What wheels are these

    Obe of the lads said they look like volk ce28 reps
  12. JDMfreak

    sr bootlid

    How much lad
  13. JDMfreak

    What wheels are these

    Got these on my sr and havent a clue what they are theres writing in along edge of spokes lightweight racing model im taking them off as i want a set of sr speedlines for the car
  14. JDMfreak

    sr bootlid

    as above looking for sr bootlid or standard bootlid preferably in ireland 040 white
  15. JDMfreak

    40 mm rear spring

    Anyone have a 40mm rear spring one of mines snapped will take a pair if there cheap Mot/nct is next week so need to get it by then