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Sefton-EP91’s 98 Spec Forged Glanza

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Here we have my 98 Spec Glanza which I purchased back in september 2011.

This is the original advert picture:


This was the first glanza I had ever been in let alone driven, few things i knew about upon purchasing the car.

There was a minor leak coming from the oil feed/drain hose gasket.

Brought a braided oil feed/return line and gasket from race tech as id done my research and knew the old ones break.

A couple of days after owning the car, the car underwent a full inspection.

There was a few small bits that needed sorting!

- small misfire at idle
- sort fuel pressure regulator (gauge seized)
- sort cracked manifold and downpipe

- crank seal leaking (minor)

- rocker cover gasket leaking

I ordered a new dizzy cap and rotor arm along with a set of blitz spark performer HT leads socks had up for sale. Fitted them as soon as arrived!

It was MOT time, I had the following done.

- manifold and downpipe welded up
- changed oil and filter
- fitted new spark plugs
- coolant flushed
- new cambelt
- new water pump
- new crank oil seal
- new rocker cover gasket with spark plug seals.

Next, I purchased a set of crystal fog lights:


Had my first go at clay barring, was a good effort id say!


Decided to ditch the white rocker cover! It's so hard to keep clean!


removing the paint for a polished look :)


And the end result!


Much cleaner I think!

Engine bay pic!


Decided I need to get rid of the ebay manifold and decat. So I ordered these..



I brought a new fuel pressure regulator and AEM wideband gauge kit to keep and eye on fueling! These were fitted once arrived!

I was getting bored of the look so got the red Rota GT3's sprayed (040 white)


At the same time I decided to get the calipers sprayed the same colour as the wheels and car.

Any way not much of a update, I have done a service on the car! And a pic from japfest! 2013!


After japfest I brought a set of indiglo dials from Mr chem.


At the end of this month I will be looking to purchase the following items:

I purchased a front splitter from ID WORKZ and received within a couple of weeks.


I noticed another small little oil leak, it was running down the oil drain pipe off the turbo. I felt the pipe and it was SOLID could not flex it AT ALL. Daniel_g had a cj performance hose and the next day it was here. All fitted.



I got bored one Saturday so I met up with Lougey and we set at spraying my front brace!


Received some goodies from race tech on Thursday..




Had a problem with the down pipe there wasn't a bung in it for my lambda probe so I set at getting this sorted with Ricky asap. After a trip to race tech and 3 hours round journey I had started setting at fitted it all. Ricky helped very promptly with no fuss.


Was all going well until started to get the rad back in, the screamer pipe was sticking over the mounting positions of the screamer all because the turbo was put on at a slight angle so off it all came again to split the turbo from the manifold and put it right.


All was well then AGAIN more issues, this time with braided oil line. It was my fault, I tightnend the banjo bolt to tight and it was rubbing on the turbo compressor housing. Started to warm her up and big puddles happened!


Was towed home and had braided line repaired!

Got everything working but the screamer is blowing severely!

Small Update, the race tech kit was getting on my nerves with the blowing and was too much hassle! I wish I'd done this in the first place ... Ordered a WEPR CT9 power up kit!

I got hold of a jam p+p ECU from browner, there is a noticeable amount of gain in torque, especially mid range!

Another little update, WEPR kit has arrived! The quality of it all is just unreal! Here is a pic of it all.


I got myself a mid spoiler!



Mid spoiler fitted...


I brought a tial f38 Wastegate from tuning developments and a used ct9.

I sent the ct9 off to Midland turbo and had it "hybridised"


Whole WEPR kit fitted!..


I got a "race spec" rocker cover..



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Looks cool mate, tempted to get some indigo dails myself now

I think they look really good, well worth the money

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Thanks Liam took me hours to think of everything from September last year to now of which I have done to the car! Suppose it was my own fault though should have started one when I first got her lol oh well shit happens! :) glad you like it mate!

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I haven't updated this in a long while so thought I would go again.
To cut a long story short I was having some major problems with my car burning oil.
Links to a couple of threads:



Since these problems I have decided to go all out and forge her.


PEC Forged 74.5mm Piston Kit With Rings And Pins
PEC 4EFTE Forged Con-Rod Kit With ARP Rod Bolts
Athena 1.2mm Uprated Metal Head gasket
ARP 2000 Uprated Headbolt Kit Inc New Washers
New Genuine Toyota Full Gasket Kit
New Genuine Toyota Oil Pump
OEM Water Pump With New Pulley
OEM Cambelt Kit With New Tensioners And Rollers
ACL Main Bearings Kit
ACL Big End Bearing Kit
ACL Thrust Washer Kit
Fully Machined And Polished 4EFTE Bottom End
Fully Cleaned and Rebuilt 4EFTE Cylinder Head Built To Standard Spec
Block, Head and Rocker Cover Cleaned And Painted.
An-10 Race Spec Rocker Cover With Catch Tank
New NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

I also have a number of other parts that will go on the car aswell which include the following:

Roose Motorsport Ancillary Hoses
WEPR Prototype Stage 2 Billet Wheel TD04 Hybrid Turbo Rated To 350HP
WEPR Ram Horn Stainless Steel Manifold
WEPR Stainless Steel Decat Pipe
WEPR Custom V-band Screamer Pipe
WEPR Short Route Hot Pipe
WEPR TD04 Braided Oil And Water Lines
WEPR Silicone Oil Drain Hoses
WEPR Twin Core Rad With AN6 OverFlow And Mounts
WEPR Rear Entry Intercooler Kit
Tial 38mm V Band Purple Waste gate
TRD Engine & Gearbox Mounts
Swoosh Oil Pressure Gauge
Swoosh Oil Temperature Gauge
Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
SPEC 6Puk Stage 3 Clutch
Skimmed Standard Flywheel

There is probably loads of parts I've missed but for now here is a few photos of the engine build.
Pictures will follow of the turbo etc when I have received them :)









At the moment this is how the engine is and hoping for completion for next week.

Once I have everything in hand and ready for photos I will upload them.

My next purchase will be injectors and exhaust which I will be on the look out for once I have some funds available. As you can guess the above wasn't cheap so need to recuperate some cash again lol

For my own information the engine was built at 158739km.

Edited by Sefton-EP91

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looking @ the rocker cover above looks like a 4efe if not mistaken

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Yes it is! Well spotted! It's been removed since and now have a race spec rocker cover! The engine is in fact a 4efte though.. :)

Edited by Sefton-EP91

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More updates..

Received some pics of my new turbo... This is the prototype stage 2 billet wheel td04 hybrid from WEPR.

I can honestly say it looks awesome.




The turbo should be good for between 340-350hp with full boost at around 4200rpm.

More updates soon.. :)

Edited by Sefton-EP91

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Small update ... Engine is fitted! Just waiting on parts from WEPR then she will be ready for the running in!

How she stands at the moment ...


Hope too have her back in next couple weeks if all goes well, I'm sure it will though!

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Small update ...

Picked up this japspeed exhaust system from j40k-mo for a good price!! Needs a clean up so will get the autosol on it before I fit!! It has a 2.25inch downpipe, 3inch mid section and 4.5inch tailpipe! I look forward to getting it fitted :)


Edited by Sefton-EP91

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Recieved some photos from sacha of my new turbo kit etc. should have this lot soon. Then will be ready to get it all fitted including exhaust...



Edited by Sefton-EP91

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Another small update... Gave the exhaust a cleanup tonight and was quite surprised of the outcome!



It's like that all the way so am very happy with it :)

Edited by Sefton-EP91

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awesome clean up job on the exhaust.those goodys coming from overseas look amazing.

Thanks mate, I am very excited! :) can't wait to get it all bolted on lol

What did you clean that with

Autosol and lots of effort lol

Wow mate looks good :-)

Thanks mate :)

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Them pec rods and pistons any good?

Heard bad feedback on these some time ago from a company in Essex ,Standon Massey

Would like to see how they perform

Has this being running yet

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Browners car runs pec rods mate at 383hp so don't think they can be that bad! I'm sure his ain't the only one either! Lol

No not running yet mate, awaiting parts from WEPR!

Edited by Sefton-EP91

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