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  1. That's the berries. Nice one. With a bit of luck I'll be pressing them tomorrow if the buddies work shop is quiet. Its doing my head in now just waiting to start building.
  2. Mighty stuff. I'll go looking for a sacrificial socket tomorrow and have a go at shaping it. Thanks for the info. Really helpful.
  3. Cheers man. I think I know what you mean with the socket but a picture would be great. I should be able to have a go off pressing them on Monday or tuesday. And then the build can begin at last.
  4. I'm finally getting around to rebuilding my 5e with my 4etfe pistons but realised yesteday that the gudgeons are pressed in and not the easy kind. I've read into it a bit and some people recommended using some heat to remove them and some say just to use a press on its own. So my question is who here has done this job themselves and how did you do it? Also when putting the gudgeons back in do you just press them again or do you heat the small end of the conrod so the pin will drop in? Any advise would be much appreciated.
  5. I've had 2 of these. Great cars. Regrected selling them immediately after I did. Is it manual or automatic?
  6. I've a spare ignition glow barrel and loom and I'm wondering what its worth if anything?
  7. I had a starlet just like that when I was still in school and my friends used pick up the back like that and move it to a different parking space when I wasn't around.
  8. Glanza skirts fit grand but you'll have to trim them as the raised bit of the skirt by the rear wheel runs onto the back doors on the 5door preventing them from opening. If you cut them along the door line and stick them on separately it'll work fine and look really well.
  9. I love the castrol seat protector in the rolls.
  10. Welcome along. Can't bate the mk1 gt. I always wish I hadn't got rid of mine.
  11. Legend has it that avocado works for declowding plastic head lights like on glanzas but I haven't tested it myself yet. Something to do with a reaction between the oils in the avocado and the top layer of clear plastic. I don't think it'll work on glass headlights though.
  12. The paint looks class now. Did you fit that cherry bomb exhaust yet? I'm just wondering what its like to live with as I'm doing a few jobs to the girlfriends starlet at the moment and I was tempted to throw one on but if its too loud all the time she won't be too happy.
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