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  1. Depends what ya want out of the car really having owned a s14 Silvia and currently own a chaser I'd nearly prefer a s14 but would have to be a Silvia not a 200sx, the chaser is a cool car and all but the fuel consumption is pants hard to get parts for and not as exciting as the s14 was but then again the chaser is a much nicer car on the road more comfortable the torque is mental and also much rarer there's for and against both but if it's just a bit of cheap fun your after a s14 is definitely the way to go
  2. Just check to make sure they are all the same with no preload
  3. First car : ep70 with ep71 SI running gear animal for what it was Second car (still obviously kept this 6 years now) : ep71 turbo s super limited Third car : s14 Silvia (not a 200sx) Forth car : jzx100 chaser (still have this)
  4. Are these a direct fit and drive or would they need checking by a machine shop
  5. Same as doing the clutch there's a rod going onto the pedal that can be adjusted... Have you free play on the pedal when cold
  6. My organic has 6 springs on the disc.. pretty sure it's only the n/a organic disc has 4 springs or it's a standard disc
  7. U sure your pedal isn't adjusted too much
  8. Sweet car only things I would change is that number plate on the front and wheels or even just the wheel colour
  9. Definitely sprung unsprung would be a bit harsh
  10. Check the slave cylinder on the box for leaks sounds like there's air in the system
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