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Toyota starlet MK2 GT Turbo, Forged 5e build

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On 6/15/2021 at 12:43 PM, Sam44 said:

leave some power for the rest of us. haha. 

boost is in sight. 

i cant wait to get on mine now. im flying home on the 23rd. 

hopefully next year we can all get together.  


Haha cheers bud, ye I want to see how many starlets we can actually get out at once! 

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Still here chipping away, cars had lots of wiring done, ecu can now be read on the laptop and the car turns over and builds oil pressure relatively quick🤞🏽. All it needs is tps adjusting and a quick double check then she’ll run.


Managed to hook the hosepipe up to pressure test coolant system, leaked like a sieve at first but managed to stop them. Left to run for 2 hours under quite a substantial amount of pressure and not a drop leaked🤣 ghetto but works.


Also got a pillar pod with a wideband, oil pressure and oil temp. 

and another setback was car needed new windscreen as developed a crack out of nowhere which was a pain. 



but we’re on the home stretch now. Been almost 3 years since I’ve drove this thing. Mapping is also booked 😅

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On 8/7/2021 at 1:20 PM, Pikey009 said:

Great work mate it’s going to be a monster. Who’s going to map it for you? 

It’s going to racecal mate don’t think I’d go elsewhere now.

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Absolutely over the moon, for the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been stuck with not getting a spark, trying various dizzy’s and different dizzy wire layouts I could never get spark, a good crank signal and a good cam signal all at once. Crank signal was good from the start, cam sensor was too intermittent, and I’d only get a spark by spinning the dizzy by hand 🤨.

after countless hours with Rob from racecal on the laptop via teamviewer we never made proper progress. And with changing the dizzy that many times I broke the plug. So it was called at that until it goes for mapping and rob would overlook everything there. 

rob messaged me today with a final method and it worked which consisted of changing a few pins on the patch harness to the ecu. 

now to start sorting the teething issues with dyno day soon approaching😶.

1: she’s getting very hot very quick. Water temp was circa 82degrees after 5-6 minutes on idle with throttle blips. System bled properly so hoping it’s due to the timing being out still.

2: as mentioned timing is out and it needs sorting ASAP before I start running it up properly.

3: exhaust blow, there is more sound coming from the downpipe area than at the back of the car which is concerning. Will have to Jack it up tomorrow to see as this shouldn’t be happening. 

4: my aem wideband is stuck in a reboot cycle which is blagging me, after a quick read it can be due to wiring or potentially damaged in transit. I did buy this as a New but used item so😯. But was still sealed in the box when I got it. 

anyway, these are not major and I’ve got no leaks. Overall very happy 😁.


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On 8/25/2021 at 9:47 AM, Sam44 said:

really exited for you. great progress. i bet its such a relief to hear her run. watching with big interest. congratulations.   

Thankyou mate it was, teething problems means unfortunately she didn’t run for very long but we will get there 

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So bit of an update pretty much ironed all the creases out and motor is almost bedded in. Been doing some gentle boosting today and loading up on the dyno to finalise the basemap off and she’s coming onto boost earlier than expected. Can’t wait to go for full power on this thing.


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Finally after pretty much 3 years, I finally get to drive this thing again!

still on a basemap tuned to suit gate pressure 0.8/9 bar, 5k safe rev limiter still until I do a few more hundred miles bedding the motor in but it feels so good to be back :) advans straight on and time to clock up some miles.




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