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Marty from MCM has a Sera!

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Just finished watching it. Hopefully its a 5efhe that's been turbo'd (intake manifold looks like 5e with the 16v EFi on it). Would be interested to see how it behaves on the dyno with the cams. Fingers crossed for a long build series rather than the short builds they sometimes do in between the long ones. 😎

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On 9/28/2020 at 9:27 AM, Sam44 said:

I've not seen these lads before. 

Video was a tad long winded for me not alot of content. 

I'm glad they figured out the doors and boot. 

You've not watched MightyCarMods before?

They've been going like 10+ years and the most of their stuff is just jokes+laughs.


I must admit, I was expecting the Sera to Chop the NX  Coupe, was surprised at how much faster the Nissan was tbf. But then the fact the engine gave up the ghost at the end probably says all you need to know :p

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I tried to watch more but they seem to focus on each other.

Yeh its a very comical watch, rather then practical. If it fits your taste. 

The sr20 engine is a fantastic engine very hard to beat especially in a lightweight frame.

Other 2ltr engines to watch out for are the 3sge, abf, 4g63, k20, h22 all these engines have good hp but very good torque output taking the higher speed bands better faster. 

The only draw back is there fuel efficiency= 22 to 28mpg.  



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As suspected, short series for content while they prepare for a bigger build series.

Think I've outgrown the MCM stuff, as previously stated they are an entertainment show rather than professional fabricators. Not knocking what they've achieved but I'm losing interest. Really liked the 2sexy build from show car to nutty track car though. 

If you like the aussie stuff I can recommend: The Skid factory, Nugget garage and Benny's custom works. Also the Haltech channel. All linked to the MCM guys in some way, just headed in a better direction. Some good builds on their channels recently.

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Thanks for the channels I'll give them a watch after the F1 qualifying.

Ferrari bringing yet another different neck and floor to there car and for the first time this season there looking fast.

Max doesn't like the changes to the red bull front wing. 

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