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hi mate,

lovely care , could you tell me how your razo accelorator pedal is fitted? i have the same set but cant get the accelorator on, there seems to be a metal clip or bung which does not clear the lenght of my pedal..cheers

will av a look after work tomorrow and let you know as they came on the car, looked at them before and just saw that they are screwed to the standerd pedals but will look again and see if anything else is going on down there

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cheers guys

will have a crack at listing the spec and will add things if i forget anything

livesports front bumper

livesports side skirts

livesports rear splitter

livesports spoiler

jam racing reverse bonnet vent

tinted rear windows

brakes front

ksport 6 pot callipers

286mm grooved discs

ferodo pads

brakes rear

new standerd calipers

3g grooved and dimpled discs

standerd pads


cusco 6 point roll cage

gab sports fully adjustable suspension

cusco carbon strut braces front and rear

whiteline 22mm front anti roll bar

whiteline rear adjustable anti roll bar on medium setting

toy tunning anti lift kit

set on whiteline race geometry full negative camber and castor

prodrive 7x15" very lightwheight wheels in gunmetal

yokahama prada spec 2s


sti type r 5 seats

defi water,oil temp oil presser guages

blitz boost gauge

blitz boost controller and data logger

trd carbon effect center consol dail surround and electric window control surround

trd short shift

white trd gearknob

razo pedals


jam racing ecu

standerd internals

blitz front mount intercooler

greddy oil cooler

toy tunning relocated air filter kit

cusco oil catch tank

blitz sequentiol blow off valve relocated to inlet side of intercooler piping

hks circular earth kit

toy tunning brake and cluth fluid covers

blitz 1.3 bar rad cap

hks oil cap


hks silent hi power exhaust

turbo ported

hks actuator

1 bar boost

ngk irridium spark plugs

uprated leads forgot make

ac completely removed

h.i.d kit

arches undersealed

whole underside of car and inside of chassis waxol'd

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just had a quick look at the razo pedals, theres a metal plate behind the pedal which is screwed to the original pedal and the razo pedal is screwed to that, if you have any problems let me know and i wil take mine off and have a better look at whats behind it, and how if theres anything in the way they have got around it

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3 hours ago, glanzadude said:

Nice car but what happend to the rear lip? 

I went for a side exit exhaust so there was a cut out where the exhaust should be which looked shite so I cut up my rear lip and designed and made a diffuser to sit in there, also drilled a massive hole in my front bumper 🙈

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On 12/26/2019 at 12:10 PM, Calum122 said:

Wow that looks properly smart!

Thanks calum 


Few before and after pics of my old brake setups

Standard brakes when I got the car were absolute shite

upgraded to grooved and dimpled discs ebc yellow sruff pads braided lines and performance fluid (still shite)

Went for some 6 pot k sports with ferodo ds2500 pads and motul rbf 600 fluid by far the best mod I've done to this car really gives you the confidence to push when you know you can stop!


I've since changed again now to the new style ksports pics to follow


s3 126.jpg

s3 new 042.jpg

s3 new 041.jpg

s3 130.jpg

dave phone 144.jpg

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Thanks guys

So after a few years and some good usage brakes were looking pretty tired so I got the new style set, got in there just before the price increase so happy days. Unfortunately the clearance is worse than the old style, if you look at the pics the bleed nipple is so close to the wheel I couldn't even run the dust covers ha, it meant I had to sell not only my Ray's group nrs wheels but also my advsn sa3r my prodrive were the only wheels I had that I could use sad times






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