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MX5 mk2.5 with Mazdaspeed bits - Elsie

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Nothing exciting to show you, but I have changed my diff out from the weak later SuperFuji diff to the earlier stronger TorSen II diff, acceleration is slightly up to and the feel through corners and slidyness is improved too

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So...my car was blowing some blue smoke, rather than take my car off the road engine out and fix valve stems and oil rings I got a second engine to work on then drop in, pretty good nick too 63k. Got a whole bunch of other parts with it too, these will be for sale if anyone wants them - poly bushed rear hub and brake assembly, lower wishbones with poly bushes, prop shaft,rear drive shafts and a mk2.5 exhaust mani.




I only intended to strip off the clutch (pretty good cond), got a little carried away...







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Things have moved on slightly, block all cleaned, deacked and honed with new rings and bearings through out




Block has now been painted to show up any leaks too, the head is back too, re-shimmed and new valve stem seals, slight head work and skimmed


Building is in progress...

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Finally had a good crack at the engine this weekend, got this far:







I know the sensors are on the wrong way round on the front, but all that is holding me up now is three gaskets that are out of stock, then can drop it in!

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Wow over a year without an update, I have been slow

Went to BBR for a remap on the mk2.5 on saturday, engine is clearly run in by now with a few oil changes under its belt. I also had the cat die on me so replaced that with a sport cat, anyways here is the graph and some snaps from the day.





So the engine before was pretty healthy to be making 153, so 160 and 135 torque, wasn't a massive leap but certainly feels so different through the rev range, even sounds different too.

Can't fault the guys at BBR, lovely guys and a result I'm pleased with.

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Elsie is now sitting lower on Meister Zeta S coilovers, need slight adjustment to get it sitting right

Also going to do another gearbox and diff oil change before Brands Hatch blink.png

Along with replacing a damaged ABS sensor and two new front hubs

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