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MX5 mk2.5 with Mazdaspeed bits - Elsie

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So enter the new motor, Elsie, a Sunlight Silver 52 plate MK2.5 SV-T Sport with 57k on the clock:





Pick her up on saturday, and the idea is to just drive a car that doesn't need work or modding all the time. i have failed already, as i have ordered new side repeaters, reflectors and brackets for the hard top. But I'll change the no modding to simply sensible, cheap modding. It's £300 less on insurance already so that's a start but more on tax.

I'm thinking, braided brake and clutch lines, K&N filter, Nardi gear knob to match steering wheel, single DIN stereo and cubby and maybe put in my Nakamichi crossovers.

JAG took a couple of pics of Elsie at a recent meet, I have changed all indicators to silvatec ones and changed the side repeaters to clear and the reflectors to red at the rear, clear at the front



and got a hard top yesterday for the nice sum of £200 here's a pic


Currently just looking for the Nardi knob, have also ordered cubby hole and speaker adapters may also get speakers for roll bar, and a cheap set of sideskirts if some come up

Uprated Polybush ARB links
Mazdaspeed 3-point strut brace with MBCS
Toyo T1-R tyres (205/45 R16)

Mazdaspeed Miata front lip
Track Dog Racing air splitter
Mazdaspeed Miata rear lip
Mazdaspeed Miata MX5 rear badge
OEM Mazda MX5 MK2 side skirts
OEM Mazda MX5 MK2 rear mudflaps
OEM Mazda MX5 rear spoiler
OEM Mazda MX5 Hard top
OEM Mazda MX5 Sport alloys resprayed
Clear side indicators with Silvatec indicator bulbs(side, rear)
OEM Mazda MX5 chrome side indicator rings
Clear front side reflectors
Red rear side reflectors
JDM rear lights (no red cover on fog)
PIAA satin black wipers with spoiler
Full respray in standard colour

Black paint for inside headlights

All bulbs upgraded to Osram Nighbreakers

Mazdaspeed oil cap
Mazdaspeed radiator cap
Mazdaspeed back box
Relocated Suzuki Cappucino washer bottle
K&N panel air filter
Ultra red ignition leads
Mitsuba Alpha horn
Track Dog Racing oil pressure kit

Spare MX5 mk2.5 cam cover sprayed crackle red
Spare MX5 mk2.5 inlet manifold sprayed silver

IL Motorsport uprated engine mounts
Maxim mk2 exhaust manifold
Mazda MX5 mk2 centre pipe with cat


Flyin Miata Happy meal clutch kit with lightweight flywheel
HEL braided clutch line
SuperPro diff void fillers
DoctorMX5 silicone gear shift boot

Mazdaspeed Brake Cylinder Stopper on strut brace
HEL braided brake lines
Pagid 5.1 brake fluid

Rodders Motorsport pads

Black paint for brake callipers

Nardi steering wheel
Nardi gear knob
OEM style bar with soundboard
OEM auto-dipping mirror with compass and external temp gauge
New leather handrake gaiter
New leather gear lever gaiter
OEM MX5 floor mat
OEM MX5 boot floor mat
OEM Mazda emergency kit
OEM single DIN cubby hole
Maxdaspeed pedal set

Kenwood KDC-BT92SD head unit
JL Audio XD200/2 2 channel amp
Nakamichi PC-100 Crossovers
Nakamichi SP-10 tweeters
Nakamichi SP-50 5.25" mid range drivers
Rear soundboard
Button for stopping aerial go up

Parts received but not fitted

MK2 Torsen LSD
Mazdaspeed style bar (make fit with glass rear window)

Carbon Miata Seat Belt extenders

Racing Beat Sway bar brace kit




Work in Progress

Edited by SiCaln

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looks smart looks loads like the one i bought!

you say you wont mess with it but you will :p i know this because i said the EXACT same thing ;p

looks smart mate! no doubt you will look after her and keep her clean :)

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Very nice mate, enjoy the new motor.

Yeah you cant leave it standard, got to have some Si touches to it.


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Team Clean returns with it's new project....The Si-touched MX5!!!!

nice one bud!


Haha got that right mate, gotta wait til I'm legally allowed to wash it though lol

What would u suggest Bucks?

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Nothing much to report, but picked up the Soundboard which was new in box! Haven't got a fitted pic yet but here is the one from the ebay ad


Also received and fitted the NArdi knob, pretty good condition too, slightly heavier and shifts really nicely


Here's a pic of that lovely knob fitted


and my new set of mats



Now trying to source some short height OEM sideskirts, may also go the Mazdaspeed rear lip and OEM front lip

For those new to the 5, it would look like this

This is the rear Mazdaspeed lip


Front Mazdaspeed lip


and with additional splitter


or OEM Mazda lip


and these sideskirts


Hopefully getting the soundboard fitted this weekend and may well have sourced the sidekirts

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Nice touches so far mate.

Not sure on the oem lip, mazdaspeed oneis lush.

Those 2nd and 3rd pics are lovely looking motors, would tempt you into one very easily

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Hairdresser's car at the end of the day an love you Si ;)

Get to the back of the stand!!!!


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People slate them all the time but i had a stock NA6 and it was an awesome drivers car, so much feedback it almost feels as though its a car suit and you can do whatever you want. Then threw some sticky tyres on some track wheels and was untouchable theough the bends on a track day (then over taken by everyone on the straight haha)

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Got the new headunit in rather nice it is too, just waiting to fit my JL Audio 2 channel amp and get the right style bar to fit my rear Soundboard speakers. Also received a set of HEL braided lines for the clutch and the brakes so will be stopping properly soon.

Here's the headunit fitted with the cubby hole


Also think i have a lead on the sideskirts and asking a few people on the lips.

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