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  1. How many sets available?? Also shared on fb an Instagram ;) John
  2. Exactly only problem is both forms of media are what the younger generation prefer. John
  3. Sad to say this V is no more as it has been wrote off by new owner. Devestated;(
  4. Had a cal today from Japfest reminding people to get a ticket purchased asap if attending John
  5. Paul Here you go with afr shot to John
  6. Paul Sent you the graphs when mapped at TD, have asked Will for a copy as can't find them on this pc. It was 218 on TD map and finished at 220 at Will's John
  7. Look forward to see you stamp your own set up on this , meticulous as always John
  8. Good to see this resurrected, will be sharing pics through our FB feed John
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