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A guide to fit an aftermarket Quaife LSD

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You will next need to remove the bolt which is an allen key fitting on the side of the box, (mine is out already, its not the allen key one in the pic but the one above and to the right, inside there will be a cylinder (which you can see), spring and ball bearing, the cylinder can be a bit awkward to pull out, i put long nose plyers in the hole and pulled them apart to grip onto it, take these out also. (note i have removed it already and the spring inside has popped out.) If your having trouble getting this out, you can still remove the lid, then try. (dont worry the ball wont drop into the box)

That's the bit I came to find the pic for but can't remember which of the two Allen headed bolts it is


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Be a good idea for you to take photos yourself and document the process for others.

Good thing I saw this, should have just been 2nd nature, I have just got to the point of removing the gears

However now you mentioned it, I have just put it back together and stripped it again to the point I was at and taken pictures in the process, I shall make a new thread and post there and update accordingly

Cheers Cal

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Did mine this evening, put a cusco lsd in my box. Reverse selector was an absolute f*cker and bell housing required each bolt back in to pull in where it fitted down again snug...apart from that the actual removal and refitting of the LSD is easy enough. Excited to see how it performs! 

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